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  1. I might be wrong but it seems to imply this only applies to children / teenagers.
  2. Honestly, it's Sinus Arrythmia. There are several types of Sinus Arrythmia. Any variation 120ms or less between each beat is normal. Anything above that is abnormal, but isn't considered a dangerous thing. The video below explains more.
  3. Sinus Arrythmia, but that isn’t quite what is going on. The jump seen with me at least is far exaggerated compared to true sinus arrythmia.
  4. I had a severe flu in the fall of 2018 with POTS and it wasn't fun at all, everything got turned up to 10, but, I did survive it and the medical professionals said my body was coping well, so that's some comfort I hope.
  5. Cool. That treatment might be available for testing on humans in 2044 then.
  6. Tried Propranolol, it was really awful. Worked until I ate something then things got a million times worse. Still suffering the rebound of that experience now. I strongly suspect I have Hyper Pots and I don't believe Beta Blockers are the key, at least not Propranolol.
  7. I've tried both Propranolol and Bizoprolol and neither have been effective. I'd be interested in trying Carvelidol. I will suggest this to my doctor.
  8. I'm really worried now. I've read a lot about PVC's being even more dangerous and deadly if they're multifocal vs. unifocal. In the past they seem to have all been one morphology but now they are two focals. I've caught a new focus firing off a number of times now. Things are just getting worse and worse and nothing seems to be able to be done.
  9. I've considered seeing Dr. Gupta although like I say I just can't afford it. I could potentially ask for a referral to the Cardiology department at York hospital but that's no guarantee I'd see Dr. Gupta? Not sure how that would work. Normally when I go to cardiology half the time it's a registrar or cardiac nurse rather than a consultant.
  10. I'll get some numbers for you in the morning, but mine seems to drift between normal and narrow both standing and sitting.
  11. Do they deal with specific autonomic issues? I thought the only specialist centre was the Autonomic Unit at University College London. Being in Manchester it's hard for me to travel far. That being said I'd make the arrangements if I could get a referral to somewhere more knowledgeable. Last thing I'd want though is a 5 hour drive for a 10 minute "here's some Bisoprolol" appointment which is all I've had over the last two years! I will certainly look into STARS.
  12. So I don't know if this is normal but Bisoprolol has done nothing for me today. I can't even tell I've taken the dose. No effects at all, tachy and PVC's as bad as ever. I didn't split it or anything like that either, I took a full dose.
  13. Constraints of the NHS. There's only one autonomic unit in the UK and my doctor and the cardiologist at the hospital don't believe I warrant a referral. They barely accept I have POTS. My tilt table showed I started at a heart rate of 75 and went up to around 100 and stayed there. But as that is just shy of 30bpm increase they basically are saying I don't have an issue and it's all anxiety. I have no way to afford to go private. To clarify I've tried every PCP available at my registred doctor and seen 3 different consultant cardiologists at 2 different hospitals, one an hours drive away, under the NHS and they all are exactly the same on the subject. Propranolol, Bisoprolol, not allowed to try Ivabradine due to resting bradycardia, and other than that, a just "deal with it" attitude towards the whole situation. Oh, apart from antidepressants, they like prescribing those too.
  14. It is not possible for me to see an autonomic specialist unfortunately so I have to guess work a lot of this stuff out. But most of my symptoms are adrenaline related.
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