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  1. HRV is simply a response to autonomic input, so sympathetic or parasympathetic. This seems exaggerated in POTS, so actually, in POTS your "HRV" can be very high and exaggerated. The conclusion however is the same, the heart is responding quickly to the various inputs is a good sign, it means the heart is healthy. It's the ANS that has the issue... and as for if this constant bounding around caused by an instable ANS has long-term effects on the heart, I do not know.
  2. Mine is doing this right now. It's resting around 70 but even the slighest movement it'll shoot up to about 90-100 and back down again. It makes my PVC's worse.
  3. Mine are just constant. I never get a break from it.
  4. I made something in excel for this purpose. Happy to share if you wanted it. Aware not everyone has Excel though.
  5. Why do you have to fight for NHS funding? This is how ridiculous the NHS is. Also what was the diagnostic test that proved a CSF leak?
  6. There's no potassium in it, it's just Magnesium Taurate, mag and taurine basically which is why I tried.
  7. Nothing really gets rid of them, at least not for me. I thought coconut water, taurine and magnesium helped but I am wondering if it was just placebo effect as they are now back with a vengeance. I would be wary of the antiarrythmics some mentioned as ironically they can actually reduce PVCs but cause more sinister arrhythmia.
  8. This is what I mean though. We knew this 16 years ago. The research progress isn't really progressing, this stuff isn't really news to anyone. This very website talked about in 2003;
  9. I mean literally nothing has changed in 16 years, despite all the published papers and "discoveries" - is all I mean. I just have little hope left.
  10. Believe it or not this website is 16 years old, and if you go back on archive.org you'll find the treatment options and research progress is the same today as it was when it launched. I don't think there'll be much progress any time soon.
  11. What was the reason for you discontinuing it if it worked so well? (if you don't mind my asking?)
  12. The answer is yes incidentally. If your echo is normal then that's good. It will cope just fine. There's no guarantees in life but the risk is no greater than anyone else as far as I understand it.
  13. I think they were more asking if it excludes a fast heart rate leading to something dangerous occurring in the heart.
  14. I've found the Mag won't reduce the number of ectopics, just make them feel a bit softer. Combined with taurine, after a week or so the senstion is softer still and the numbers of them started to drop. I still get loads of them but it's certainly better than without.
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