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  1. So I have severe depression and have developed a bunch of Dysautonomia symptoms. I have tolerated anti depressants in the past but now they are intolerable. Lexapro made me feel like I was plugged into an outlet. Super agitated, shortness of breath, hard heart rate, adrenaline surges. It really sucks because I need something to pull me out of this depression but I don’t know if I can tolerate anything. He said maybe an anti psychotic but those I’ve heard can be bad for pots too. Did any of you have experience with psych meds that you can tolerate? Thanks!
  2. I went on lexapro about a month ago. It has made my Dysautonomia much worse. Pounding heart after every meal. Intense adrenaline surges, and shortness of breath. I take a beta blocker and it helps a little but still feel like garbage everyday. I’m going to try and get off lexapro but I need something for my depression so I feel stuck. I’m fairly certain pots is making my depression much worse. What are some things that have helped your hyperpots?
  3. About a month. How long did the adrenaline rushes happen for?
  4. So I’ve been having issues with my heart for about a month. After eating I would have a fast and hard heart rate and it would get worse when I was moving around. Going up the stairs has my heart pounding. I was put on lexapro for depression and things have gotten much worse. I now get these adrenaline rushes and severe restlessness. I’ve had anxiety a for ten years. I know what it feels like and I know the difference. I’ve never had these adrenaline surges and restlessness before. Not to mention my heart beats out of my chest and sometimes chest pain. I also now have bad shortness of breath as well. I’ve tried explaining to my family and doctor and they just keep saying it’s anxiety. It really sucks because I need something for my depression but I can’t function like this. Give it more time to help anxiety they keep saying. It’s making my depression better but it’s making my Dysautonomia worse. If you guys have any experience with this I’d really appreciate it.
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