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  1. @DizzyGirls This is going to sound all backwards, but here goes: I have an Rx of Xanax 0.5 mg x4 per day and I couldn't possibly take one when I am attempting to do things upright walking around because my dizziness would double (I know, I've tried it) so it seems odd to me that it's Rxed for dizziness. Second, I have been getting progressively worse with fatigue, dizziness and mental clarity so I got an Rx of Ritalin from my shrink. (I"ve been on it before) It helps me a lot with those symptoms and I don't have any side effects that are bothersome. Here's the rub: if you google Ritalin side fx everyone concurs it *causes* dizziness. Go figure. Everyone's different. I think Ritalin has a bad rap since it was so over prescribed for a while... I srsly think it is too strong for school kids to take for ADHD which I have and Ritalin does really work... it's just the side effects that most people encounter would be devastating over the long term for a teen... just my opinion. Hope you find something that works.
  2. I feel shaky from fatigue... it increases pooling in my legs/feet and I get pretty dizzy... so after I sit with my feet raised
  3. I experience these states as I go in and out of what we call consciousness... the hypnagogic state is particularly lucid for me and it's like walking from one room into another wide awake... it's instantaneous and can last for seconds to minutes... the occurrences/surroundings are hyperreal and often on 're-entry' I get an accompanying HR jolt wiki describes these as leading into and out of sleep states but for me it's losing consciousness... ie: passing out and coming back in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnopompic
  4. Hi Echo: Sure... most of the music I listen to is electronica based stuff... longer tracks that I can use for background sound to help drown out tinitus and hamster wheel thoughts ;-) and the track I'm using for aerobic dance is: AYAHUASCA [Progressive Psytrance Mix - 2016].mp3 (I got it off YouTube if you're interested, search the title) Every day I have a sort of routine set of things I do... it helps keeps me focussed somewhat and fills out my day... after I go do my errands around town (which is max 1 hr and I'm already into pretty heavy dizziness and fatigue by that point) I have some lunch which gives me a bit of a boost... I also drink green tea and take caffeine pills... I know, prob not a good thing but I'm having a really hard time right now (I break the tabs in pieces and take a whole one collectively during lunch so I can at least continue on) then I have 20 min to do aerobic dance... I used to work in an electronica club and I'm pretty addicted to beats... so it takes me away somewhat in my mind and I just try to do dance moves that are varied and move all parts of my body in different ways... this is quite difficult... just to move and keep doing it and as I do my lungs are straining, my legs pooling with blood even with compression stockings... so I can feel the cardio fx a lot... I press on and get that done... then I do these exercises (another thirty minutes) I found in a pamphlet designed for people who are at risk for falls... it's a series of 14 moves... 8 are done sitting and 6 standing... by the time I get to the standing ones I'm on the verge of collapsing... I'm getting greyout and just 'walking through jello' fatigue but I just press on and keep telling myself I have to get it done I have other routines, but I'm probs already into the tmi zone... pm me if you want... G
  5. Sign me up... it's also being used to treat PTSD https://futurism.com/hirrem-treatment-ptsd/ "Sensors placed on a PTSD sufferer’s scalp read electrical signals in their brain. These signals are then fed into a computer that uses specially designed algorithms to “translate” the signals into auditory frequencies. When these frequencies are played back in near-real-time, the patient is able to actually hear their own brain waves." I've been using house music and aerobic dance with some success... it's difficult to do it but the benefits later are worth it
  6. There's two types of iron in foods: heme and non-heme The heme is more easily absorbed and is found in non-vegetarian foods... I can't cook up a pile of liver since I live alone so I've been eating smoked mussels lately (they're the fourth highest source in the list I found) btw: smoked oysters are dangerous to eat in large amounts... I'm also eating liver pate at lunch and lots of lentils... (lentils and soybeans are tops in the non-heme category... pumpking seeds, spinach, red kidney beans... all good, I eat these every day) I've been iron anaemic for four years... my second last test was normal but the current one I'm low again... I wish I could tell how this affects how I feel but I honestly can't tell... I just keep trying to eat hi iron foods... I am skeptical of blood tests vs how things are really assimilated (oh, and I'm on iron supplement: Palafer Iron a.k.a. Ferrous Fumarate 300mg a day) ... an odd bit: the highest non-heme source is Infant cereal (dry) 7.0 mg Iron per 5 tbsp
  7. I'm not sure how much more intense 30-40 vs 20-30 will be... maybe it's not all that different in tensile strength. The main thing I recall is that the initial use of them seems so difficult and what you're really doing is developing a technique to get them on smoothly. Even now when I get a brand new pair, it's tricky getting them on. I bunch them up down to where the ankle is on the stocking, then pull outward a bit to try to stretch them and at the same time make that first move to slip them up over the heel. The trick is to not stop there completely or you're stuck with this vice grip stocking right at the ankle and it's hard to wangle it from there... so once you've got them over the heel... keep moving and wriggling enough to get up to the calf. BTW, when I got my first Rx for a pair, I was measured at the pharmacy where I got them, so by what @blizzard2014 is saying and through my experience, maybe you need to consider getting measured and making sure you have the strength right. My first problem with swelling, my right foot swelled up so bad I had to buy a pair of boys runners size 12 or 14 I can't remember but none of my shoes fit at all. Now, I wear the stockings all day... just trying to get blood up to my lungs and head... Still, I'm dizzy as frack all the time like someone clobbered me. Anyway, I hope you get some relief from them and get the right fit. Putting them on *does* get easier. :-)
  8. I've worn knee highs for years 20-30 mmhg and I remember in the beginning it was really hard getting them on properly without spraining my fingers lol, but it gets easier once you do it for a while and develop a smoother technique. Mine are SIGVARIS brand. Good luck, I hope they help with circulation.
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