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  1. Haha very unhelpful but I’ve done it before I’m just trying to prepare myself more
  2. Okay so I’ve read all the current info on flying in these forums so please bear that in mind. The only medication I’m prescribed is Oxazepam 30mg PRN or as needed determined by me. So I have POTs, Orthostatic Hypotention, and general other dys symptoms. I don’t faint but I have come close when my blood pressure was super low. So I have a 9 hour flight there and back to Japan however it’s on a Dreamliner 😍 and I believe I have flown this route when I was first developing Dysautonomia so my issue I think is how to be better prepared and anxiety. On the flight back my heart rate the whole time was 130bpm and I also needed oxygen but again I wasn’t aware of dysautonomia or knew what anything was. Dreamliner has lower cabin pressure and better air so it should be much easier on the body. I have constant shortness of breath, but oxygen sat is generally 96-98 and I’ve been cleared for anything there and I’ve had cardiac clearance so no issues there either but I do get rapid pressure changes a lot just by moving around. I also have suspected Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and I can’t raise my arms for long without them being dead weights lol so I’m working on exercises to improve that, and I’m also getting acupuncture as recommended by my dys specialist. Things I’m worried about: If I get short of air and need oxygen how best to ask for it without sounding like there’s a medical emergency. Getting tachy on the flight and symptomatic and having anxiety because of that feeling like I’m about to die I’m sure we all know that ****** feeling. How I can really best prepare for a long haul there and back. I’m not terribly fit but I’m overweight but I’m trying to move more and get fitter before the flights which are in a few months, how to cope with the pressure changes in my chest and what to do if it feels like I’m about to die should that feeling happen and how best to avoid those feelings. Just pretty much from all angles how to cope and survive on a 9 hour flight. As much info as possible please!
  3. I react to the full moon like crazy always have, my mum used to track my behaviour when I was a kid and I was always different on a full moon, and when we had a super moon a few years back I had my first panic attack and didn’t know it was until a few months after lmao so yeah. But also we are living beings and it’s sillymto think we can’t be affected by everything we are made up of though.
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