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  1. Hi friends. I’m new here. I have a diagnosis of dysautotonomia and mast cell activation. I do have elevated catecholamines, so Doctor is thinking hyperPOTS. I have had chronic, treatment resistant insomnia for 4 years which has caused constant fight/flight anxiety, constant derealization and dizziness. My nearly n fog is terrible. For the past 4 years all I can do is lay on my couch. I’m miserable and making my family miserable. I’m truly at the end of my rope. I need sleep in the worst way. I have tried (I think) every possible medication, supplement and herb for insomnia and have paradoxical reactions to EVERYTHING. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Also wondering if Colandor can help with these symptoms? Planning on talking to a new doctor about this next week. Thank you!
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