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  1. @Pistol I am taking probiotics already about two months. I am drinking teas for soothing IG issues. However, there are days when my symptoms are alleviated, but for most of the time, they do persist. I've stopped losing weight. I will leave most of it to the doctor, although I very much think that my symptoms sound so much like gastroparesis. I am already not feeling so alone with all of these symptoms thanks to all of you! I appreciate your help!
  2. @MomtoGiulianaYesterday I drank about 1 flat teaspoon of salt with almost 2 liters of water at once and after an hour I finally was able to fall asleep and today, when I woke up, the flare up is so alleviated! I feel definitely better and am finally able to implement my daily tasks after a cup of coffee! Also, I wanted to ask how often do you drink salt with fluids or only by flare up? It feels like being alive again. I am able to walk and move my body without the feeling of passing out! Looking forward to visiting GI for my gastroparesis as every three days I drink pills for alleviating diarrhea. I will tell her about my dysautonomia and gastroparesis and will see what will come out of all this visit. Hopefully, she knows about it and will prescribe something. Thank you so much for your support! I hope that when finally gastroparesis is also handled I will be able to live normally again.
  3. @PistolThank you! I will drink more fluids and rest more. Meanwhile, since yesterday something strange is happening - every time I move my eyes to look somewhere else I feel for a second as if I am about to literally pass out. And this happens since then every single time I move my eyes. However, there are no vision problems. I don't know if it's called vertigo. I lay in my bed the whole day as I am extremely fatigued and so dizzy that I can't literally walk without having something to lean on. However, my dearest very much like to call me a hypochondriac, very lazy, it's all in my head and my favorite "driveller". I feel so lost. I went to the emergency, but they told me they can't examine me unless I have heart attack or insult. What should I do? Are these probable symptoms of other illnesses or it is dysautonomia again? So sorry to bother you like this, but I am so disheartened. I recently started considering quitting my study due to very poor health that I have. Thank you to all of you who take their time to answer me!
  4. Thank you so much for the support! It is indeed a very stressful bout not only physical symptoms but also a lot of anxiety and depression. I am trying to stay positive though! I also think it is all related to dysautonomia and it is just a flare up, but I will do all other examinations in England. In my country, I will only visit GI next month and still don't believe they will help me anyway. Do you know what can I naturally do to help me, for example, any herbs? I am a very sporty person and have been all my life, I don't smoke, I drink very rarely, eat a healthy diet. Kinda seem to do it all to help myself, but it still doesn't alleviate dysautonomia. Had anyone experienced that severely dysautonomia too? Thank you so much again!
  5. Hello everyone! I just read about these particular symptoms being also related to MS. I am having very difficult concentrating, doing so many mistakes while I study and feeling dizzy and tired. By the fact that I am only 22 I am more prone to exclude it, but should I do so scan of the brain? I am just very anxious because of my unexplained symptoms. Not wanting to sound hypochondriac either. What is your opinion about it? So sorry for bothering you all and thank you!
  6. I just phoned a gastroenterologist in my town and I am now in a long waiting line for next month. Other doctors recommend her as the only gastroenterologist that can properly examine in my town, so I should call her this Friday to arrange an appointment for next month. Meanwhile, I read about gastroparesis in my local language and I have just the exact symptoms that you also agreed to. Any tips how can I handle the symptoms before the doctor visit? By the way, I also wanted to ask you if you ever experienced gustatory sweating after eating and tingling on the body without any reason? Is it again dysautonomia related? It's been crazy two months for me with constant appearing symptoms and visiting doctors. Feeling tired from it already, but thanks to all of you my journey feels so less lonely and scary. Thank you in advance!
  7. I never tried to go dairy free, but I have tried Iberogast for two weeks just at the beginning of my symptoms. I was also prescribed Amiral, Ormus, and Spasmomen. But it didn't have any effect - the same bloating and so on. I've started a diet because of recent diarrhea ( potatoes, bread, rice and chamomile tea ). However, I will tell the gastroenterologist about gastroparesis. Hopefully, he ever heard about it, or do any examination at all, or again I will be in a search for another doctor. Thank you so much to all of you who are connecting with me! It means so much to me, especially in tough times!
  8. I just talked to my mom and she said we are visiting a gastroenterologist this Wednesday. I will post again after the visit. Thank you for the help!
  9. I live in Bulgaria. Here we have no good specialists for anything. Only option people have is to go to Germany as the closest to be examined. Concor definitely helped me. Other medications I was prescribed are Velaxin 75 and Fluanxol 0.5. I am also taking probiotics and drinking lime balm tea to alleviate my issues with falling and staying asleep. My fibromyalgia is not that bad as it was years ago and it is manageable. I am continuing to lose weight and am very very anxious about it. I have often diarrhea with sort of undigested food. However, I do not have any autoimmune disorder or gluten intolerance. A month ago one morning I have seen some red cloths in my urine, but they never appeared again after that. I am having constant bloating and no appetite at all. I am so depressed that my family is not taking it seriously at all and even as I am financially dependant on them, I asked my mom for money to visit another GI doctor and she told me it is so unnecessary and that it is just because of the summer. When I asked my aunt she told me that how I even dare " such a healthy organism" to go from doctor to doctor, because just of an upset stomach. When I tried to talk to my dad he got very irritated and started shouting at me so he is also not an option. So I am left with no support, no understanding, no doctor who can examine me properly. I am also just two months apart of going to study in England, in Buxton. I can't go there in such physical state. What should I do? Btw I don't have so strong headaches recently. I haven't done any MRI or CT. Doctors just don't want to refer me and tell me everything is all right and I am healthy without examining me at all. Only the cardiologist examined my heart. My GP told me that it cannot be H.Pylori since according to her I don't have the symptoms for it. I am trying to prepare myself for varsity, but my energy is so low that every daily activity is suddenly so hard to do. I really don't know how to help myself and what to do.
  10. Hello everybody! I am new here and am searching for support as I strongly need it right now. I am 22 and I was assigned with fibromyalgia two years ago and was prescribed antidepressants for it so it kind of been away until recently. About two months ago suddenly I had strong headaches accompanied by constant gas, bloating, nausea, complete loss of appetite. So I went to a gastroenterologist and the doctor told me it's just IBS. After a week I had a resting heart rate of 140 with elevated blood pressure 130/80. So this time I went to a cardiologist and the doctor told me that my heart was healthy and prescribed me Concor to alleviate my heart rate. As I felt also pressure in my head and very foggy mind to a point that I feel constantly as if I am asleep I finally went to a neurologist. The neurologist told me I have dysautonomia and prescribed my again antidepressants. The problem was that they weren't working so she told me to go to a psychiatrist. And as my crazy trip from doctor to doctor, I visited a psychiatrist and we talked and that was it. No medications, no diagnosis, nothing. She only said it might be dysautonomia indeed but she can't help it. I forgot to say it, but before I went to any doctor I done a blood test, a TSH test, checked blood sugar and urine and everything was fine. However, my symptoms didn't stop, no matter the antidepressants I was prescribed by the neurologist. Only my heart rate is better. All that time just from the start of my IBS two months ago to the present moment I've lost 14 kilograms. Because of this drastic weight loss and doctors not taking me seriously I am suffering from a lot of anxiety and depression bouts. Please help me! I am so scared that there might be some hidden cancer or something, but none of the doctors just tell me it's from the dysautonomia and they can't help. I really don't know who to turn to! I am just two months apart from starting university and I really need to sort out this health issue, but can't understand what it is!
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