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  1. I did actually read that before posting mine but it seemed as though their attacks didn't last nearly as long as mine do
  2. Hello, I've recently posted about something similar but these episodes last a minimum of 6 hours, how long does your episode(s) usually last for? Thanks,
  3. Hello all, I'm very new here and don't have a POTS diagnosis though it has been often mentioned by various doctors and specialists. But my symptoms are getting worse and FINALLY I have an appointment with Rhumeotology next tuesday. My main worry/concern and general 'this is making my life h***' episodes are what I want to get to the root cause of, because honestly at this point I'm ready to throw in the towel. These episodes have been going on nearly two years now and have been getting worse steadily. They start with me feeling 'off' I cannot explain it, I just don't feel righ
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