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  1. Hi Spinner, I have almost exactly the same breathing problems you describe with very similar triggers. However, even my baseline is a constant state of air-hunger (not being able to get a satisfying breath) with flare ups from the triggers you describe. I also have Hashimoto's and mast cell activation syndrome. Since you posted seven years ago, have you made any progress since then? I take zyrtec and zantac every day, twice a day, and so far, those are the only medications that have helped at all. I used to be a long distance runner and a full time teacher, and now I'm mainly house bound (at the age of just 32). I also have developed severe sensitivity to synthetic fragrances and MANY foods cause me to get severe air hunger (despite the pulse OX reading 98-100%). My other symptom is flushing in my face that is very painful and feels like my cheeks are burning. Please let me know if you have any more input on what helps. All the best, Sarah
  2. Hello, I am also so sorry both of you also had to experience this. I, too, had carbon monoxide poisoning this past winter from a leaking furnace and since then have developed POTS and mast cell activation disorder. Prior to the CO exposure, I was an avid runner and have always been incredibly active. One of my first symptoms during the slow CO leak was shortness of breath (the feeling of air hunger like I could never get a full breath). I was also nauseous, fatigued, and dizzy at times, which was always worse on the weekends when I was home more. It’s most likely that the exposure lasted all winter, but when I stayed home from work because of these symptoms in February and progressively got worse to the point of becoming hypoxic and being rushed to the ER, that’s when my POTS developed. Unfortunately, the air-hunger/ shortness of breath has not gotten better despite being removed from the CO. Have either of you also experienced this? If so, did anything help to get better? it’s my absolute worst symptom to the point where I can’t really do anything because I always feel like I’m suffocating despite having 100% oxygen on the pulse ox. I know POTS can cause breathing issues, so I’m wondering if it’s related to that. Any insight would be so much appreciated. I hope you are feeling at least a bit better now. Thank you! - Sarah
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