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  1. I have trouble getting all of my pills down every day. I tried Marijuana again for pain, just smoked a piece of it about the size of a pea. I was burping to the point of vomiting/gagging for a few hours, almost like my throat was going to close up and I was going to choke to death from hiccups. I think my throat is messed up from this condition too. I almost dialed 911 but somehow survived. If I skip my 40 mgs of Pepcid for even 3 hours, I start burping up food and stomach acid. I did it one day and then realized I had not had my nightly meds. It's like everything in the upper digestive area i
  2. My BP been jumping all over the place too. I just started trying to monitor it again. It is still going in the 135/105 range when standing, even on an elevated dose of Lisinopril. I really don't want to have to use Clonidine again as it makes me feel weak, but the BP is 110/75 when sitting. I went two weeks just completely ignoring it. I get tired of all this stuff sometimes. Been having a lot of trouble with my blood sugar dropping, then going up, then dropping again all in the same 3 hours even after it's been hours since I took fast acting insulin. Getting a lot of hot for a few minutes, th
  3. Those EKG's are really finicky sometimes. I had a whole bunch of them saying "meets the voltage diagnostic criteria for left ventricular hypertrophy" and when they did the echo of my heart, it turns out I have right ventricular hypertrophy. It was not showing up in the EKG properly. I'd say, it's much better to have no heart issue than to have one. I'd take that as a win.
  4. I forgot to tell you about Nattokanaise. You can look that up online. It also thins the blood, but not as much as Warfarin. It might work better than Aspirin and it will not cause stomach upset. I would read up on this supplement (I spelled it wrong too) and see if that is something you would be interested in to help thin your blood a little bit. There are other supplements too to help thin the blood, but you will have to do some online research to find them. A lot of people with blood clotting disorders who have not had a clot event (they usually will not prescribe blood thinners until you'v
  5. The smoking, high blood pressure dating back years, and being an uncontrolled diabetic at the time of the blood clots could all have been contributing factors. I always had burning in both legs when walking too far and when running. Even today, if I walk too far, the legs start burning. So maybe I already have some peripheral vascular issues going on. But the burning is better with blood thinners. One time not too long ago, when my INR was low 2.1, I walked through a parking lot and legs were burning so bad I could no longer walk. Even the good leg was burning and I had to sit on a concrete la
  6. I have two blood clotting disorders, one genetic factor 2 and one acquired/autoimmune , the APS and only clotted after a trigger event. So you should be fine with all of the bed rest.
  7. You should be fine as long as you do not have any blood clotting disorders. Even then it is a crap shoot. Usually there has to be a pretty strong trigger to get clots. I used to drive for years, at times driving behind the wheel for up to 24 hours straight with one 30 minute nap still sitting behind the wheel. I would also have three or four 20 minute fuel stops as well. I never had any blood clots until I fell down and hurt my leg. Ironically I was at the time only taking short trips and dispatching from home. That is when I had my clots, not from years of sitting all day long cramped in the
  8. That's what they called my clots. It says in the report "chronic post phlebitic changes noted!" So, maybe it is similar to what you have. I do know that the valves can also be damaged even if the clots have cleared out. I never noticed POTS symptoms until after clots, so maybe blood pooling in the legs is the cause. Very interesting. My changes are in the Popliteal vein and then the two vein to the right and left under the knee in the calf. More lower than higher. I used to smoke until after the clots in the lungs. My lungs for whatever reason are so jacked that one cigarette will leave me si
  9. Here is what the procedure is and this is the doctor who invented it! https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/blood-heart-circulation/deep-vein-thrombosis/types/chronic-dvt.html
  10. Yes, I do have a bad tolerance to chronic pains. Acute pains I have had and rough it out. I had the Gallbladder pain/discomfort that was horrible and I was able to ride it out better because I know it was only temporary. At best, it would last for 3-4 hours. I had to ride it out any how lol because I tried once to take a Norco during an attack and I would just vomit it right back up. I could not hold the pain med down. As soon as I could feel the gallstone move and stop blocking, the pain was gone. I work with painful headaches and my teeth hurt all the time because they are breaking due to j
  11. Wow, you still have extensive clots. I really feel for you. I wonder if I may have something else going on causing my pain like the clot behind knee pressing on a nerve. I had an extensive DVT from foot to Groin, but only have three areas with non-occlusive chronic clots. Behind the knee, there is blood flow, but it is very hard for them to see it. So, maybe it is pretty closed off. Without pain meds I have a horrible ripping pain there after any exertion. Even without exertion, by the end of the day, even with legs elevated the pain can become intense enough to keep me awake all night. I have
  12. Any ejection fraction under 40 percent, they usually remove the GP from what I've read.
  13. Don't give up. Never give up. Fight and continue to fight. If you are passing out, you are not going to be able to hold a job. That is how you have to present your case. You should try and contact Alsup. I hear they are good and file the paperwork for you. I hope that didn't violate any rules. I may use them if I file again.
  14. You had some really good doctors. Mine will not even fill out any forms even after stating that they know I will be in pain for the rest of my life. They don't all agree with the disability process. I also hate that they give more credibility to someone who has worked for a long period of time. Some people get sick when they are younger and have a very scant work history, it doesn't mean they are lying. It should all be based on medical factors not work history. But you did have a long work history and were a bit older, so that is all very favorable.
  15. I only get swelling if I stand or walk for more than 5 hours straight, sometimes it takes a little bit longer. My leg hurts so bad I cannot even tolerate a regular sock on the bad leg. I have to cut the tops off my socks for my right leg and they barely go up to the beginning of the ankle very loosely. Forget about the 30-40, no way, pure torture. The 20/30 ones I used to use for two years after the clots and they really helped but then the leg pain forced me to stop wearing them. I still have three areas in calf and also behind knee with chronic clots and that is where all of my pain comes fr
  16. It is extremely hard to get approved unless you get one of the judges who has a 60 or 70 percent award rate. You can look up your judge online and see what their award rates are. I had a judge who was hostile with me, dehumanized me, was combative with me, and more than likely had his mind made up before he even saw me. The hearing was a mere formality just to clear my case off the books. I almost died from blood clots in lungs. I could not walk into or out of the hospital my leg had no more strength in it. I have sleep apnea, an enlarged right heart, high BP, diabetes, chronic pain, depressio
  17. It really makes me mad that we have to use these kinds of antics in order to obtain benefits. I have by far the most issues from the leg I had a DVT in. Pain that just tears my soul apart. I took on an extra job last week, just sat in my car for an hour and worked 1 extra hour, of which I will be working 1 extra hour a week now and it sent me into a three day pain flare and full body flare. I again felt like I did when my kidney function was down in the low 30's. I had to leave the harder Monday job an hour early and pop two pain pills within 2 hours just to remain standing and complete the w
  18. The poster is having problems because his ejection fraction is so low. It's almost like not having a working Gallbladder at all. The low ejection fraction can be the cause of all of your symptoms. I had the opposite. Well, I never actually had my ejection fraction checked, but I had multiple small and medium sized gallstones along with a swollen sludge filled Gallbladder. I have some of the same digestive issues that I had before the removal, but not constipation. I am never locked up for days like I used to be. I do have diarrhea sometimes, but it is very infrequent now. It was bad for the fi
  19. Outaker, I used to not be able to stand without the Clonidine, now it works too well. I stopped taking it because it was throwing my sitting BP down to 86/60. I was on .2 mgs originally, then bouncing back and forth between .1.5 mgs and .1 mgs, then winter came and I stopped using it. I will probably need it again now that summer is on the way.
  20. My pain is mostly aggravated by standing and working. In all honestly, I should not be doing a physically demanding job. But I have a hard time also sitting in a regular chair as well. The a pain comes even faster from sitting in a chair. I manage a lot of my pain by elevating my legs for most of the day and also by laying down. If I were to work more, or even work in an office sitting in a regular chair with my legs touching the floor all day, I would need more meds. I only get pain attacks every once in a while where it feels like my calf is being ripped, but meds fix it. Mostly the pain is
  21. Pistol. I did go through a two month period of severe depression. It happened after my pain doctor without notice reduced the amount of pain meds they are giving me. I detoxed and tried to make it without meds and ended up in pain and going back to the meds. I just reduced the level of meds to cover the pain, but they no longer give me enough to feel comfortable all of the time. I am worried that I will no longer be able to hold down my job if they cut my meds any lower. I only get 90 Norco's a month now and I am using less than they prescribe me just in case they cut me off completely. I get
  22. I was wondering if any of you have had an overwhelming sense of doom or dread. Sometimes so bad it feels like its burning a hole inside your stomach. I get this even with a normal HR and normal BP. It feels like impending doom but I am not anxious or having anxiety from Autonomic Symptoms. It's really weird. My symptoms are still present when standing, but they have not been causing me any discomfort due to the weather being so cold still. I know they dizziness and having to sit down more will come once full on summer hits. That is when I can have the same 130 BPM HR and it will make me so unw
  23. I tried grass fed beef the other day and it was yucky. But then I added a gang of spices to it and it was alright.
  24. I was forced to do it because of diabetes. I used to eat all day long. Now I have to control the disease. I long for the days of just wolfing down a dozen donuts and a few glasses of milk. But that party has come to an end lol. If I continue to eat like that, I'll be gone in 20 years from kidney disease or heart attack. But with todays science and Splenda and almond flour, you don't have to feel as deprived. It really helps. I'd go crazy without splenda.
  25. Even after not even taking my full dose of Lisinopril yesterday and my BP still staying at 133/103 standing and 120/90 sitting, it dropped low at 3 AM. It went down to 100/77 and stayed there until I went to bed and stopped checking it. My HR was high, 85 BPM though. I tried to get another standing reading, but kept getting error code after error code. I could not get the BP to register even after moving the cuff around to different positions. This kind of freaked me out as what if my BP starts to drop really low when I am on meds. Maybe I should not try and get it too low and give it a wider
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