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  1. Hello Elisabeth, I am new to this forum and just stumbled on your posts. Your description of your illness sounds so much like my own, so I was wondering if you still follow this forum and whether you have gotten any better? I know exactly what caused my own illness - severe emotional stress which unfortunately neither I nor my doctor took seriously, so I just kept pressuring myself until I collapsed. Like you, I then thought that rest was what I needed to recover but after 11 months of being bedridden I am now realizing that this has only worsened my situation as I am now also suffering from the effects of deconditioning. Bu it is a mean condition, because when I was in high stress mode literally EVERYTHING would cause more adrenaline rushes, so I felt I had no choice but to stay still. This eventually did lead to more calmness in my body, but mainly because me adrenals got exhausted, I think. I am also close to menopause which I have now learned makes to body more vulnerable to stress. So it is not a mystery to me what happened, but it is a mystery how to revert it and get my life back again. I have also experienced that doctors are less than helpful, telling me my blood tests are fine and that it's all due to depression. Naturally, I am depressed about my situation, but I just know that it is also very physical and not something that a psychiatrist or psychologist can solve. I have already seen several of those with no results and yet all my doctor can suggest it that I try another psychiatrist who can look at my situation 'with fresh eyes'. Anyway, I sincerely hope you are doing better Elisabeth, I just cannot imagine how you go through such a long period of this condition. If you have any advice on what to do about it, I'd of course be very interested and grateful.
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