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  1. Hey guys, I am on day 10 of taking Lexapro as recommended by my doctor. I don´t know if it is because of this, but my balance has gotten much better than it was the past days! I hope it continues to improve. I still have lots of other symptoms though. I really hope you all find a treatment that can make you feel better. Thank you for all of your replies.
  2. Hey Shannon, I hope you get your symptoms checked soon. Have you had any tests that rule out other conditions? Hope you get relief.
  3. Thank you for responding. Do you have any noticeable symptoms from SFN? I don´t know a lot about that condition. Also, how did you develop full blown POTS? Did you have any trigger that you remember? I hope you start regaining your balance with your PT. Good luck.
  4. Hey Pistol, thank you for your response! This condition is so weird, sometimes I wonder if there isn´t anything else going on. Actually, I started having all of my symptoms after the flu or some kind of virus, and my first complaint were brain fog and ear pain. I had an ear surgery due to a middle ear problem that I developed after that. However, my ENT says that should not affect balance, and now my ears seem fine, so I don´t know anymore. Still, I had a positive TTT, so maybe it is all coming from dysautonomia, after all. I suggest you have your ears checked, but I´m not sure if there is a way to know for sure if your issues are from OI or not because, from what I understand, some inner ear diagnoses are based on exclusion. I hope you find relief and recover your balance.
  5. Hello guys, just joined. I have been diagnosed a month ago with orthostatic intolerance, however, whenever I have not felt good I check my BP and it is normal. My question is the following: Do you get balance problems like swaying when you are upright? This seems like a weird symptom to me, and i have not seen many posts discussing this. I started having this on and off two months ago, but for the past week it has been constant, only changing its severity. Before this, I had more classic symptoms for a year and a half like dizziness (no problems with balance though), brain fog, and so on which got worse when standing. Thanks
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