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  1. Hey just wondered if anyone has this happen alot on standing?pic attached 184/182 it goes down on sitting quickly so does my heartrate but making my life a misry and making basic ten time harder ...
  2. Hello any one seen dr croom for mcas ?
  3. 461 they said my blood level was at 9am is this good bad?
  4. He doesnt really no what to try with me now he helped one lass i new tho she alot better .
  5. thank u all for replying . I first will say sorry for misspelling of the tablets ha. ibravadene mestion midrodine beat blocker I find in a&e my blood pressure and my heartrate settles on the saline I am fighting to get it on weekly trail but they all terrorifed of giving it !! how did u get yours weekly I been going a&e in amblance or waiting six hours in a&e it very scary stressful but it helps when my heartrate in 160 plus get it to 100bpm I really need something as my quality of life is just getting worse and worse
  6. thank u all for replying . I have seen dr Julia newton and dr gupta I am looking for a doctor to help as don't seem to react good to anything they all send me backwards the drugs it really scary . I am in the north of uk
  7. Hello same other post really sorry for spam u all i just need no if anyone seen had help of this doctor for pots ?
  8. Anyone seen dr david richardson in ashington northumbland uk for pots? I am trying get new doc to help me anyone no this doctor
  9. Please could anyone tell me what help them with hyper pots thanks
  10. I need some help my currant doctor is struggling with me i need new one or extra one to help him help me any help name number would be sooo great i dont no what else to do google few try get app but couldnt get though
  11. thank u all for yr replys and helpful info
  12. Hey everyone I been n prestigmine (mestidon) for couple weeks I had to stop it as made my bp on sitting laying down very low my pots symptoms ten times worse my bp on standing has been going so high and my heartrate in the 158s nausea shakes shivers tremours vison probloms m insides seem to gone crazy my doctor wanting to try fudocortisone I don't want to neither does my gp doesn't either as my blood pressure is high on standing . feel like I stuck in limbo don't no what to do
  13. So sorry to here u are struggling .it is soo hard it took me six years to get diagnosed with pots mine started on delivery table or even mildly before now think about it after four miscarriages .i go though it all again for my beautiful children but it to frustrating i am still housebound wheelchair out the house most days sofa or bed ...msg me if u want ask anything
  14. This was my first symptom they said me/cfs ...but i dont no ..hope it not to bad today
  15. How this going i wanting get one these . I want my legs bk 😣am so deconditioned
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