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  1. @Machair MORNINGS ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST! I work at a hospital and my day starts around 5:30. I usually have my worst symptoms from 7-10:30ish at the start of my shift. Chugging water, taking my salt tablets & fludricortisone, as well as compression stockings are pretty much the only things that help my day progress. But yeah, mornings absolutely suck for POTS.
  2. @Bluebonnet08 Mine are very similar to yours when I feel an attack coming on. I actually got diagnosed about a year ago after having symptoms for 2 years prior when I started nursing school (I'm 26). I had initially thought my symptoms were occurring from maybe anxiety or a vagal response from blood or fear of surgical procedures because they were most severe when I was doing rotations at the hospital, but after many consultations with my PCP and a referral to a neurologist we discovered it was POTS. Typically when I have flare ups, my heart starts racing, I feel my legs going weak & I get VERY lightheaded and see floaters. If i can control it, i sit down or do deep breathing and it usually subsides after a few minutes, but I have had 5 instances over the past 2 years (not hospital related, only one was) where it ended up with me passing out. My neurologist has had me on fludricortisone 0.1mg for about 9 months now and just about 3 months ago we added a salt supplement (i use thermotabs) and I have had amazing results with it so that i can do my job! I also use compression stockings if im going to be standing for a long time. I still have instances where it gets pretty bad, usually in the mornings and especially if Im in a patient's room that is warm and dimly lit...still unsure why that triggers it. I hope you find a therapy that works for you!
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