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  1. Lorrie, Have you talked to your doctor about Mast Cell Activation Disorder? It sounds like that could be what you're experiencing. It presents itself in so many different ways and always has a trigger. It often goes hand in hand with POTS. It's worth looking into. Gillian
  2. Sonya - Thank you for the list. Most of these things are the same for me too.
  3. When I get fatigued (you know, fatigued for a fatigued person), I start to lose my voice. At first, it sounds like I've had a cold and lost it, then I sound like I screamed all night at concert the night before, and then I'm down to a whisper. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I might get a sore throat, but not every time. I have noticed that the worse it gets, the more it's like I just can't push any more air or volume out, not that my actual voice doesn't work.
  4. It takes me a couple of hours to get moving in the morning too. It's like I'm trying to drive with the emergency brake on, and I forgot where I put the keys. There are days where I don't have a choice but to be up and moving to get somewhere early. I pay for these mornings for a few days with fatigue, pain and brain fog. I also sweat at night, but not every night, and usually closer to dawn than early in the night. I sweat and then I freeze because I'm wet and then I sweat and then I freeze and... you get it. When I sweat at night, it is usually from my blood pressure going crazy and s
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