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  1. I did hear that recently. I’m afraid to go off them though without seeing a specialist - I had a bad sinus tachycardia episode before i got diagnosed that ended me in hospital and lead to my diagnosis - I got put on beta blockers in hospital. My primary care doctor doesn’t know anything about POTS but because I’m too sick to travel any further I have to see that doctor cause she’s round the corner. I’ve never had a sleep study no. I assume a specialist would refer me for that. My heartrate sits around 70-80 when I’m sleep deprived but sits around 60 normally. I don’t have a bp monitor but my b
  2. Thanks pistol - I exercise on days that I have the energy to but I find that if I try and exercise on not enough sleep I just get sicker and either end up with a migraine or am even worse the next day. I’ll do what I can though.
  3. I was on 30 - maybe I could try a lower dose. I’m gonna try exercising as well - it will make me so sick but I’m running out of ideas
  4. I did try mirtazapine - this was before I got diagnosed actually - it worked really well but for the month I was on it I gained 8kg with no diet changes so I’m hesitant to try again I don’t want to keep gaining so much weight!
  5. I can’t sleep during the the day - so after about 9.30am until about 8pm - when I try I get close and then start getting unbareble nausea and intense tremors 😔 again, no idea why
  6. I’ve got POTS pretty bad. Before this month I couldn’t walk more than about 600ms and I’ve been this sick for about 8 months - I’m pretty close to bedbound. I’m currently on metoprolol but nothing else’s and have had sleeping problems since I got sick - but they would usually effect me one in every 7 days or so. This month I think I have had about 3 days where I haven’t had bad sleeping problems. It’s not so much getting to sleep that’s the issues, I wake up at around 3am and cant get back to sleep after that. When I don’t sleep for at least 8.5hrs, the next day I can’t exercise because I’m to
  7. Hey guys, i have been recently diagnosed with pots and all of my symptoms are pretty typical to a potsy except for my inability to look at my phone (or any screen - tv, computer etc) for more than about 5 minutes at a time. I am currently bedridden and in need of entertainment so it sucks. If I do look at my phone I get a migraine/ disassociated/ dizzy and sometimes adrenal surges. Some days when I am having a good day I won’t get these symptoms when focusing on a screen but find that that night it disrupts my sleep (I already don’t sleep well but it makes it so much worse) and then the
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