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  1. I got Normal Saline 1-3x a week for a year and a half. My 1L bag ran over two hours, but anything faster would make me sick...bad headache, worsening fatigue, uneasiness. Also, when I first started IV therapy the day I recieved fluids I always felt bad. I would need to lay in bed mostly, but the day following I would feel the benefits and increased energy. This went on for a few months and then I no longer felt sick from them. During these months though I was steadily improving...increasing BP, less syncope, so the IV's were working. I hope you feel better next time!
  2. I was also taking Pristiq when I was first diagnosed with POTS. It did nothing for my neuropathy pain. I tried Lyrica and Gabapentin. Lyrica worked for a month and then the pain came back. I also gained 25lbs in one month with the Lyrica. Gabapentin also caused me to rapidly gain weight. I then switched to Cymbalta which worked wonders for the neuropathy and my muscle and back pains. The Cymbalta didn't seem to help or hurt my POTS symptoms, and I was able to lose all the weight gained on Lyrica and Gabapentin.
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