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  1. Thank you all for yours replies! I absolutely have to buy a shower chair. Wash my hair is the most terrible thing when I have a shower. happy Easter 🐣 to all you warriors
  2. Every time I take a shower I feel really dizzy, tired and I feel my heart beat very fast. Do you feel the same?
  3. Thanks for your reply. What this modified tilt test consisted of?
  4. Thank you. I’ll try. This test is important, it is for me health, I have to do it. I’ll say to the doctor about my phobia, maybe he can prescribe any anti nausea med without alter the result test.
  5. Hi, I’ve hEDS. I’ve to do the tilt test, but I’m scared about it, because I’m emetophobic (vomiting phobia). I read that if the test, at the beginning, results negative you have to take a pill for evoke a syncope. I’m afraid of feeling bad and throwing up. There are someone who did this test end took this pill without feeling bad? Thanks to all!
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