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  1. Would it be possible to connect with you about your service dog. I own a dog training business and am doing my first POTS service dog training. I would love your input. If you are willing to email me that would be great. Cara@carathedogtrainer.com
  2. Hello group, I am trying to determine which biological change happens prior to a crash that is unique to a crash AND can be isolated so that a dog could be trained to alert prior to the crash. It is hard to find this data. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Cara
  3. I am trying to determine what biological changes happen before a crash that could actually be isolated. Is something is unique to a crash and can be isolated the dog can be trained to alert on it. I am having a hard time determining the "bio marker". Any ideas?
  4. I’m interested in connecting with anyone who has experience training a dog to be a medical alert service dog for someone with POTS.
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