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  1. Mine is completely normal! I believe it is normal to have a healthy heart while also still having POTS, it just means our heart rates are faster than normal in inappropriate times.
  2. isitdys

    urinary symptoms?

    I agree with you guys; I've definitely thought I might have IC, I have pretty much every symptom. Oh well.
  3. isitdys

    urinary symptoms?

    hi all, I'm a long time POTS experiencer (don't want to say sufferer, I'm happy!) ok heads up: this is TMI recently, ive been aware that i have some overactive bladder symptoms that ive been ignoring since i developed dysautonomia, mostly because the heart stuff was just too important for me to pay attention to other things. it's usually just the "gotta go" feeling and waking up a couple of times a night to go pee, and its both really frequent. but i have also had a few incidents in the past 4 years that my dysautonomia has really kicked off where i couldnt hold it and peed myself right as i reached the bathroom or when i can't get my pants off fast enough. this all makes me a bit uneasy though because i wonder what i would do if i were in public, and i wonder how much of it is the autonomic dysfunction, as i have not given birth and I'm still young anyone else? thnx