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  1. Thank you for the replies and info @Pistol I have a cardiologist that isn't interested in further testing or medication, but that was before I started having issues with dizziness and passing out. I have a follow up planned with my PCP next week and the ER did suggest asking about a neurologist, so that's definitely something I'll push. I will try wearing my compression hose for a few days and see if it helps in the meantime. I feel like I'm already overloaded on salt, but everyone keeps telling me more, more, more - so I'll try and boost that. Do you usually have more issues with vert
  2. I had just finished cooking dinner for my family and sat to eat, about half way through eating I felt intensely dizzy and then passed out right on the table. Family says they couldn't wake me for several minutes. They insisted on taking me to the ER because it scared them but I honestly was strangely calm, didn't feel worried or panicked. Kind of detached, actually. I have been struggling with headaches and vertigo for over a week that start about noon and gradually get worse through the evening but that was the first time I had even come close to passing out. I haven't been able to tie t
  3. @Pistol & @bombsh3ll Thank you for the encouragement! That's something I might have to do if I can't see more improvement on my own. He's my second cardiologist and the doctor that diagnosed me so I was really hoping I could just stick with him. Oh well. My PCP recommended adding in magnesium when I feel that extreme fatigue. Has anyone else heard of magnesium helping?
  4. Are there links to videos/images that we can share with family and friends that explain dysautonomia in laymen terms? I feel like most people's eyes will glaze over and they'll keep scrolling if I get too technical.
  5. I had a pretty discouraging visit with my cardiologist this past week where I asked all these questions and he brushed me off. I couldn't even get to the question about licorice so I'm tempted to just try it anyway and see if it helps. 😕
  6. I've been limping through a ton of joint pain for the past couple months and finally got in to see my PCP about it. We ruled out anything rheumatological or inflammatory and now we're looking at the possibility of fibromyalgia or a connective tissue disorder to explain the pain. For those with either, what is your experience? How did you get diagnosed? How did your doctor know which one to pursue? What's helped you most?
  7. I'm being treated for tachy and am on a very low, steady dose of beta blockers. But for the past couple days I've been having episodes of extreme sleepiness, heaviness/pain in my chest and trouble thinking so I checked my HR and it was below 50 after having just done a flight of stairs. (normal for me after that is 130+) They last a couple hours and if I can get myself up and moving to raise my HR I start to feel better. It's definitely a strange feeling being at the other end when my life has been all tachycardia for the past 2 years. Are swings like that common for people with dysautonomi
  8. Thank you all so much for your answers. I was tested for aldosterone and the lab showed <1 but my Dr didn't mention it as an issue. Maybe just something he overlooked since all my other blood lab results were normal? For those that take licorice, what does it do to help you? Is it safe for someone with hypertension?
  9. What tests did you have done to determine if blood volume is an issue? Is testing for Aldosterone levels one of them? Which of your symptoms were eased by treating low blood volume?
  10. I might actually have a theory as to why I feel better at high altitude: In the mountains there’s less oxygen due to the altitude and the human body compensates for this by increasing it’s production of red blood cells to better supply the body with needed oxygen. I feel better at high altitude because it forces my body to increase it’s blood volume, thus eliminating my symptoms related to untreated hypovolemia. I've been suspecting low blood volume for some time now so it's interesting that this is pointing to the same thing. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Does this s
  11. I just got back from a camping trip up around 8,000 ft and I already want to go back. I feel so much more like my old self at altitude and as soon as I'm back home, I'm reminded of all my symptoms. In the mountains for 3 days, I went on 3 hikes, one of them pretty steep and intensive. I was constantly moving and doing things and had more of an ability to focus without all that brain fog. I could spend energy, rest and regenerate it and keep up with my family. Home now? I barely made it through the grocery store and was down for the rest of the day.
  12. I completely understand how scary this is. I've been struggling with POTS symptoms since I was 16 and recently diagnosed(now 28) And just like you, have always been very underweight. My lowest BMI was 14.4 just earlier this year and unless it's something you've gone through yourself, I think it's hard for others to understand just how frightening it is to feel like your body is melting away before your eyes. My cardiologist advised me to try and put on 15-20lbs and load up on the high-calorie junk food. (advice he said he would never give any of his other patients) He thinks putting on wei
  13. I live in Colorado and frequently go into the mountains (mostly long drives up into Rocky Mountain National Park) sometimes as high as 12,000 ft. I'm pretty acclimatized to it but going that high: you may want to double your salt and water intake and be extra careful about overexertion. Otherwise for me, I feel better up there. Might just be because it's so lovely and being in nature recharges me. I go up at least twice a month as long as the roads are open.
  14. I'm the same way. I really crave salt and I will straight up eat it (even before dr told me to get more in my diet lol) I like the pink himalayan salt best and then I follow it with a bottle of water.
  15. I'm totally okay with high fat/calorie foods, actually. Part of my recovery plan is gaining 15-25lbs since my cardiologist classified me as 'cachectic'/severely underweight. I'm with you on the stomach sensitivity so I'm trying to get what I need through food and drinks. I'm just not sure I'm getting enough. One of my favorites is V8 that I add extra salt to. (not great for the weight gain goal but it helps my energy level) Thanks for that list, I never thought to go after lists that are for others to avoid!
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