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  1. I notice last Summer that this would happen to me, but I couldn't figure out why. Last summer my symptoms were intense, to say the least. Today, was unseasonably warm where I live, but I relatively symptom free. I noticed, however, my heart rate rate was slightly elevated, nothing extreme resting was around 115bpm. I noticed my hands were wrinkled today around noon, at this point I had eaten and had about 90 oz of water and 20 oz of cokecola (my guilty pleasure). So I wasnt dehydrated. This evening though my kids were playing outside with the neighbor kids. I'm out there watching them with another neighborhood father. I was walking when BOOM vertigo and I fell over, despite having my cane with me for balance. The neighbor had to walk me home. It was pretty embarrassing. This started my query into pruney finger tips and dysautonomia symptoms, which led me here. Thank you for your post and linking the two. Joelle
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