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  1. Claire


    Has anyone taken an antidepressant with amitriptline? My doctor says no to Lexipro. He said both together will make my Pots much worse. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Claire

    Stopping Florinef

    I am wondering how you weaned safely? On 0.1 mg I cut it in half and by the middle of the day had terrible heart pain, low blood pressure, high heart rate. I became so scared, I took the other half and within 15 minutes, I was fine. Now, this is causing me such high blood pressure, my Dr thinks I am going to have a stroke, so he wants me off. How in the world do I wean off of that dosage? My blood pressure will crash again, be out of breath and not able to walk in the mornings without passing out. What to do?
  3. Sarah, I am in Philadelphia and am also looking for a doctor. Could you advise me for finding a doctor? Thank you. Claire

  4. I am new to this site. Please could anyone share their experiences weaning off fludrocortisone, anyone on it who had kidney disease?
  5. Claire

    Florinef Has Ruined My Life

    Did you ever get off it sucessfully. It’s making me feel so sick that I want off. Does anyone have experience with successfully cutting down their dosage that they could share?