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  1. Claire


    Can someone tell me. Does Clonidine help Pots or not? Really like to know anyone’s experience or info. Weaned off it and now suffering serious anxiety even though I am on Lexipro nd that was working fine.
  2. Claire

    Conflicting doctors

    Thank you, Wintersown. I appreciate your help.
  3. Claire

    Conflicting doctors

    Thanks. Think the anxiety will go away soon?
  4. Claire

    Conflicting doctors

    Wintersown, I am having the worst time weaning off Clonidine 0.1. Following my drs taper, experiencing the worst anxiety I have ever been seem to have lots of experience and help people, do you know how I can cope with this and how long it will go on? I took it along with other blood pressure meds for 6 weeks, 0.1 mg and now I was told to cut it in half. Like I said, anxiety terrible and can not sleep. Please help! Thank you.
  5. Claire

    Is everyone with Hyper POTS on Clonidine?

    Wondering what your experience was getting off Clonidine, was it difficult?
  6. Claire

    For Those Taking Clonidine

    Could anyone tell me their experience with taking Clonidine 0.1 2 s a day and Lexipro. I read here that the Clonidine stops the SSRI from working, is this true?
  7. Claire

    Florinef Has Ruined My Life

    I had 2 mini strokes and was hospitalized because of that. It made my blood pressure very high so they weaned me off immediately and started me on Lexipro the same day. They told me never to take it again, as I would have another stroke and this time it would be worse. Right now, after weeks of weaning, I am now Florine free for a week and a half but boy is my blood pressure low. I don’t know what to do about this and am hoping after a little time, it will come back up.
  8. Claire

    Weaning off Florinef

    After weaning, did you your pressure go way down for a while and did It ever go back to normal numbers? After stopping, I am super low all day. Can’t live like this.
  9. Claire

    Florinef Has Ruined My Life

    Does anyone have experience with how long Lexipro takes to kick in? I started with 2 weeks on 5 mg, and 3 weeks on 10. Is there anyone who has taken this and gotten results and how long did it take?
  10. Claire

    Florinef Has Ruined My Life

    Ok. Totally weaned off the Florine’s one weeks ago and now my blood pressure is super low all day. My quality of life has just about come to an end and I have a special needs son to care for everyday, I.e. shower, shave etc. I am on Clonidine but it’s not helping. Suggestions anyone, or is my life over?
  11. Claire

    POTS, eGFR, and kidneys

    Fire watcher, are you not scared of having CKD? How do you cope? Thanks
  12. Claire

    Stopping Florinef

    I actually did have 2mini strokes, like the doctors feared, and while in the hospital they slowly weaned me off the Fludrocortosone and I just finished weaning yesterday. I was told never to take it again, and I won’t. So far, the Pots has not come back even on the days I didn’t take it while weaning, but we’ll see what happens when it is completely out of my system. I don’t know how long that will be. Anyone have any idea? I took it for 7 months at 0.1 mg. The drs. Put me on Clonidine 2times a day and said that would help. I don’t know. Just be careful when this drug makes your blood pressure high. Not worth a stroke.
  13. Claire


    Has anyone taken an antidepressant with amitriptline? My doctor says no to Lexipro. He said both together will make my Pots much worse. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you.
  14. Claire

    Stopping Florinef

    I am wondering how you weaned safely? On 0.1 mg I cut it in half and by the middle of the day had terrible heart pain, low blood pressure, high heart rate. I became so scared, I took the other half and within 15 minutes, I was fine. Now, this is causing me such high blood pressure, my Dr thinks I am going to have a stroke, so he wants me off. How in the world do I wean off of that dosage? My blood pressure will crash again, be out of breath and not able to walk in the mornings without passing out. What to do?
  15. Sarah, I am in Philadelphia and am also looking for a doctor. Could you advise me for finding a doctor? Thank you. Claire