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  1. Weary, I am so sorry about the email you received from me that was not meant for you. I sent this to my son David last week. How it ended up going to you, I can’t figure out. Still trying to find out. I am sorry.
  2. Hi Weary, how rude of that nurse to say that! You know I had 2mini strokes because of blood pressure. That was no fun. Clonidine did work for me in that it does bring blood pressure down fast and calms you down. Why don’t you try it? Your pressure is dangerously high!
  3. My experience with high blood pressure is I had two mini strokes because of it! Please take it seriously, go to the er to get help. Mini tropes are nothing to play around with. The drs there put me on lisinipril, amopoline, and Clonidine 0.1 mg. I stayed on acebutolol2 x’s a day the
  4. What is a cycled vasoconstrictor-Clonidine?
  5. I am so happy for the people who take ssri’s and it helped. It not only made my blood pressure lower it made my blood sugar super low. I am weaning off it now and I am very disappointed. My Dr did warn me, but I didn’t listen.
  6. I’m so sorry but I am having trouble understanding this. So, are ace inhibitors bad for autonomic neuropathy? Thank you.
  7. So... ace inhibitors are bad for pots? Am I understanding you correctly?
  8. Can I ask why you stopped the linispril?
  9. What about ace inhibitors do they help with your pots or hurt
  10. Is autonomic neuropathy the same as pots? I have low blood pressure in the mornings and it rises later in the day. Was on amitriptline for 10 years and liked it but after I had 2mini strokes because of high blood pressure, the drs in the hospital took me off fludrocortosone and amitriptline. I know why the cortisone, because it made my pressure super high, but can’t figure why the amitriptline. They said it made my pots worse, lowering my pressure more. Don’t know if this was true or not. Any experience anyone?
  11. How do you tell the difference between hyperadregenic pots and another type of pots. My Dr said pots is pots. No help there.
  12. Can you tell me how it’s helped? Thank you.
  13. I know this is from 2010 but I am trying to figure out if Clonidine helped me be able to stand and walk around in the mornings cause my blood pressure is so low. When I took it, it seemed I didn’t have the problem with having to constantly sit down because of the blood pressure but I started having nightmares and chest pain so I weaned off. So, not sure if the pots in th morning is worse because I stopped or what. Does anyone have experience with this particular problem. Thank you for any suggestions.
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