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  1. @KiminOrlando To my knowledge it is just for psychotropic meds. I'm not aware of a test that will identify a broad range of possible triggers. Doctors I've seen have not been terribly helpful, so I'm eliminating things from my diet to see what I may be sensitive to. I've discovered that chocolate causes a lot of inflammation for me, and now I'm cutting out gluten to see if that helps. I don't tend to get rashes, but I do have pain in my body. I also discovered by accident that my depression improves when I have less inflammation. (I had to take Aleve for a few weeks and felt better. Then went off the Aleve and my depression went back to being pretty bad.) So now I am trying to identify what things cause inflammation in my body.
  2. @judyinthesky It is called GeneSight, if you want to Google it and check out the website. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a direct link to the site or not.
  3. @Pistol Thank you. Yes, she is doing much better. It did pass me by, thankfully. When we were at the ER, the doc said he thought it was one of two viruses, both of which are extremely contagious. He said one could have an incubation period of up to 7 days, so I was crossing my fingers for a week. My mom mostly stayed in her room and slept while I took care of her dog downstairs. When I was around her, I wore a mask. Was told to wash my hands a lot and disinfect things, so I did that. And did not eat foods I knew she'd touched with her hands. Whatever she had was not mild. The only time I've heard someone vomiting with such force and frequency was during an ER visit once. And the moaning sounds she was making really alarmed me too, as I'd not heard that before from her. I'm glad I took her when I did. She was miserable, and I knew if it went on for too long I would have to call an ambulance.
  4. Thank you so much for answering. I took my mom to the ER last night because she had so much vomiting and diarrhea that she was weak and feeling like passing out. I'm hoping I won't get what she had, but we'll see. I feel like having clear guidelines helps, because I don't think as clearly as I used to...especially when I am acutely ill with a bug. And expecting my mother to know when to take me is too much to expect. Thanks again @Pistol
  5. My mother just came home from a trip and brought a bug with her. She is vomiting and has diarrhea. I started having diarrhea hours ago, but thought nothing of it, because POTS. I came back to her house to take care of her dog who needs medications several times a day, and she told me my grandmother had vomiting and diarrhea before she was visiting. So am guessing this is viral and I will get it too. How do you know when it's time to get IV fluids when something like this happens? I am not on any meds for my POTS (I should be, but that's a long story). I'm not sure when to go get fluids or where to go. The last time I called Dr. Grubb's office to ask, the nurse told me the ER is only for people who are on the floor dying. I can't wait until I'm unable to retain consciousness to get fluids, you know? Thank you.
  6. I have that in my left eye. If my eyes are closed, I can see light...kind of like what you see after a camera's flash goes off. My aunt said she has something similar (she has neurocardiogenic syncope). So I assumed it was caused by the dysautonomia.
  7. Yes. I did get some relief working with a physical therapist. She came up with several exercises for me to do that were tailored to my needs. I think I should start doing them again, actually, because my balance is still bad on some days.
  8. Yes. If I have too many good days in a row, then I must be okay now, right? Unfortunately, I can't stay well for a full month.
  9. Thank you, @Shannoncr. ❤️ I hope you are able to find some relief. It is hard enough having to deal with this. It's even harder when you are dealing with mental health problems. It's as if the doctors believe we have some sort of immunity to physical illness. I guess that's easier to swallow than the possibility that they don't know everything.
  10. I hope you will talk to your POTS specialist about this. May or may not be a good idea, and you may not know immediately if it's a bad one. Best to ask the doctor first.
  11. I do not have this problem, but my aunt has neurocardiogenic syncope and has had this problem.
  12. Some people don't have a problem with it. Others have a really hard time. I decided to be extra cautious because of my history, and tapering slowly worked well for me.
  13. My mother was told that she had osteopenia, despite the Boniva injections and supplements. (She also drinks more milk than anyone else I know.) After my dad died she had to start mowing the lawn, which meant she had to walk a lot (big yard). After doing this for awhile (in addition to the other things), she was told that she no longer had osteopenia. She credits the walking. Since many of us are unable to do a lot of walking or other weight-bearing exercises, I'm wondering if we are more likely to have bone density problems.
  14. My doctor gave me questionable advice regarding getting off the Cymbalta. I was not going to start anything immediately after getting off of it, and he wanted me to be off of it within 10 days (after having taken it for a decade). If I remember correctly, he wanted me to take one every other day, then suddenly stop taking it. It made so much more sense to me to open the caps and "bead count" to lower the dose gradually. I'm not saying I advocate going against what doctors tell you to do, I just know from years of getting on and off these meds that I was probably going to be sicker than necessary if I did what he said. And I was the one who would be suffering if I followed his advice...not him. He was probably going by what the drug manufacturer recommended, and the drug manufacturer has a vested interest in not admitting that discontinuation of their product can be problematic for some people. I get sick when I get on these meds and I get sick when I get off them. The doctors always act like it's no big deal, but they are not the ones having to go through it.
  15. I was on Cymbalta for about a decade before I switched to Pristiq. The Cymbalta wasn't doing enough for my depression and anxiety anymore. I don't even know when the neuropathy started, because I was only aware of it after I stopped taking Cymbalta. I gained about 60 lbs over the years I was on Cymbalta, which I am now losing. The Pristiq does help with my neuropathy. It doesn't take it away, but it makes it tolerable. I'm glad you posted about it though. Maybe someone who hasn't tried it will happen upon this thread and realize they need to ask their doctor about it. The only caveat I would add is that it can be a bear to discontinue. I followed the advice on the Cymbalta Withdrawal site (to taper off rather than stop abruptly) and was able to taper off of it with minimal issues.
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