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  1. Neuropathy...and Antidepressants

    Thanks, Clb75. I haven't had to, but that may be what I will have to do in the future.
  2. open letter to physicians of dysautonomia patients

    I don't know that I would feel heard if there was no interaction with others. I think I would still feel like I'm talking to the wind. If I can get on a working antidepressant, I will be able to deal with trolls. I just can't do it when I'm feeling fragile. I felt like I could take on the world when I was on 50 mg of Pristiq. Unfortunately, I had to go down to 25 mg because Pristiq aggravates my heart rate and BP problems. I need to get on something else, but that's another problem for another thread.
  3. Sensory Overload

    I know what you mean. I feel like putting in earplugs sometimes, but that only makes the ringing in my ears louder. I've also noticed that strong tastes and smells can be too much for me as well. Someone mentioned the birds. I hate the sound of the birds chirping right next to my window. And the sound of lawn mowers. Those are probably the sounds I hate most during the spring and summer. In the winter it's the snow throwers (or even just the sound of people shoveling), and the squealing sound a belt on a car makes when it needs to be changed.
  4. Neuropathy...and Antidepressants

    Does anyone have neuropathy and take an antidepressant? If so, does it help your neuropathy at all? My current antidepressant is an SNRI and helps with neuropathy somewhat. But I need to change meds, and my next med may not be an SNRI. I'm also wondering what could be done about my neuropathy if I start an antidepressant that doesn't help with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my POTS nurse practitioner is not answering my questions, and my psychiatrist is basically just a drug vendor. Thanks in advance. --Mistri
  5. open letter to physicians of dysautonomia patients

    Thanks, @WinterSown. I have thought about blogging or starting a YouTube channel. I just don't know if I can deal with all the trolls. Recently I have been watching one of my favorite YouTubers get torn down in the comments sections of her videos...over makeup. And she's such a sweet person. Trolls go after her because they know she is sensitive and they can get to her. I don't want to make myself vulnerable and get torn down like she does. I just don't think I can handle it right now.
  6. open letter to physicians of dysautonomia patients

    I have a longstanding history of depression and anxiety. It was hard to get doctors to take me seriously when I was looking for my POTS diagnosis, but I kept pushing. Most seemed eager to write my symptoms off as anxiety. But I have over 30 years of experience with anxiety; I knew it wasn't anxiety. I wound up keeping the weirder symptoms to myself and telling them only about the things I thought they could measure or see, because I knew they wouldn't believe me if I told them everything. Even my POTS specialist doesn't believe that I had a weird reaction to mestinon (feeling drugged), and her staff members have treated me like I am a head case when I have called with questions. (I guess I could understand that more if I called there crying or hysterical, but I haven't.) Apparently I'm supposed to know everything about POTS already, even though I was just diagnosed in December. But I can't exactly change providers, because there is no one else around here who knows as much about POTS. It would be easier to deal with the POTS if I didn't have depression and anxiety, but you can't choose your illnesses. I'm sick and tired of doctors and family members not listening or not believing me. Many family members have horrible advice to give out as well: "go for walks," "if your energy is low, drink coffee or take caffeine pills," or--my perennial favorite--"just try," or "try harder." OMG, you're so right!! Why didn't I think of that? I've been told that I'm very good at writing and communicating verbally, but so often I feel like I'm shouting at deaf people. I can tell people how I feel, but no matter how articulate I am, I can't make them feel it. I can't even get them to listen.
  7. What causes Tachycardia for you?

    Pristiq (desvenlafaxine). I know that's probably not your issue, but I wanted to put it here in case someone happens upon this thread and is on Pristiq. I've also noticed that even decaf coffee can be a problem for me. I miss coffee.
  8. Avoid anesthesia? What happens if you have to have anesthesia?
  9. Best POTS/Dysautonomia Books?

    Thanks, @Pistol!! That is one I will check into as well. I wonder if doctors actually read the books their patients bring them. I think maybe my primary care doc would, but not sure about that. I highly doubt my family members would take it upon themselves to read any of the books either. Kind of a bummer.
  10. Best POTS/Dysautonomia Books?

    Oh @Steven, you have no idea what a nerd I am. I definitely appreciate a good academic read. Admittedly, brain fog makes it a little harder to concentrate on what I'm reading than it used to be (and clinical depression doesn't help). However, books that have been written for the general consumer often leave out some of the information. It would be ideal to have an easy read as well as something more detailed for when I'm feeling studious. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I am in the U.S., so it should be easier to obtain one or more of those books than it is for you. I'm sorry your access to things like that is more limited.
  11. Did Mestinon Make You Feel Drugged?

    I tend to be the same way with meds; I have a hard time tolerating the standard dose of some meds. Not sure why that is, but others in my family say the same thing.
  12. Best POTS/Dysautonomia Books?

    What are your recommendations? I was just diagnosed in December, so I still don't know very much about my POTS, but I would like to learn more. Which books have you found most helpful? Thanks in advance. --Mistri
  13. Aquagenic Wrinklege of Palm

    That's really weird. I've noticed my hands wrinkle up pretty quickly when I'm bathing and I was wondering why. I used to be able to almost get through my shower or bath before that would happen, and now it happens within the first 5 or so minutes. I'm pretty sure my sodium levels are out of whack though--due to a medication I'm on--so I guess that's why.
  14. Anyone On Here Have Pet Fish In Their Life?

    Hi, @songcanary!! I just saw this. Was this for me? I actually have a little 5 gallon tank I was keeping a betta in. She died though, so the tank is running with no fish in it right now. I think a big part of what was soothing to me about keeping fish was the fact that I was problem-solving on all of my tanks each day. There were always levels to measure, plants to prune, algae to scrape, etc. It was something I got hooked on when I worked in pet stores. I worked at an aquarium store for 4 years, and I loved that job. I got to do what I like to do, and lawyers and doctors, etc. would come in and ask my advice regarding how to take care of their 10-20 thousand dollar reef tanks. It was nice. I miss it.
  15. POTS Heart attack symptoms?

    Welcome, @vjester94!! I tend to cycle through a similar set of symptoms each day. Each day I take my temp and it's fine. The fatigue hasn't been as bad since I corrected my vitamin D deficiency. And I don't get much in the way of chest pain, but I used to get alarmingly-strong palpitations before I upped my salt intake. I have gotten better at staying hydrated, salted and getting some physical activity in, and that has helped....for now. I hope you will stay and check out the site. I haven't been here long, but I've learned quite a bit. And it helps to talk to people who understand what you're going through.