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    Is it POTS?

    Hello, I am new. I think I may have POTS. I was wondering if anyone may answer a few of my questions. I did the standing test last night, this morning and again this evening. Both of my evening test were high and the morning test was not. This morning my test: 56-hr supine - went to 110-hr standing in ten minutes. This evening: 56-hr Supine to 133-hr while standing for 10 minutes. When I lay back down my heart rate recovers to normal within 2 minutes. However, if I walk right after the test my heart rate skyrockets to 145-150 with in just a few minutes at which time I need to set down. My Resting HR is fine, even low 49-58, while laying down, and as low as 36-38 while sleeping. My EKG and Echo were fine. Question 1. Do you need to wait a certain amount after eating to get an accurate test? Question 2. Could this be anxiety? Even though the HR doesn't increase until I stand up and goes back to normal when i sit back down. Question 3. Anyone know of any Doctors in the Kansas City Area that specializes in this? Thank you for your time.