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  1. I was wondering, because I learned that the repeated tachycardia in congestive heart failure w hypertrophy in turn increases hypertrophy, do POTs patients experience similar heart problems later on? I asked my Dr. but he said that there aren't any known long term cardiac problems in POTs... but that can't be right, almost constant tachycardia day in and day out has to do something. I'm really curious and surprised that there's not much out there about this. Do you have any experience reg. this?
  2. Thanks all! That's all good advice and I'll definitely try it all out. Do you know of any really inexpensive meal replacements? I have a grad school budget so the cheaper the better.
  3. Hey all, Just curious to know how you deal with your symptoms. Mine are getting more severe and I'm starting to feel less and less like myself-- but also have a pretty demanding life/work. What helps you stay awake and keeps you focused? Is there anything you can do to reduce the brain fog/confusion and stay on top of things? I also have another health problem that makes eating difficult, which is only making matters worse. Are there any foods that are really good in your experience and also super high calorie? Thanks so much for any of your help. Em
  4. Hey. I’m 23, healthy, 5’10” and 120 lbs. Perfect blood work, super strong—but I can’t seem to stay awake through the day or even get through moderate activity without fast heart rate and exhaustion. I’ve had symptoms for years and years, but was just diagnosed with vasovagal/autonomic dysfunction after a positive tilt test. Apparently, my heart rate drops when my blood pressure does—but at the same time, when I stand up, my heart rate shoots up about 30 bpm immediately and sticks around there for a few minutes before going down. It goes up to about 150 sometimes when I’m just moving around, an
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