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  1. My friend with POTS currently lives in FL, which Dr. Grubb said was prob not the best environment for her due to the humidity and heat. He said San Diego would be great due to the dry air and low elevation levels. I'm just wondering if there are any other locations people would recommend or if anyone has moved to be in a better climate and felt some relief. Looking for locations in the USA. Thank you!
  2. Thank you everyone. Yes, my friend was formally diagnosed with POTS and EDS 4 years ago and has gone down hill badly this last year. She has started to see Dr. Grubb who was amazing and I do believe he will eventually be able to find the right combination of treatments to give her some relief.
  3. I've seen people post about feel as if they're fainting in their sleep. My friend is expressing something similar. She says nights are the worst and scariest. She will wake up multiple times from adrenaline surges if she does fall asleep, and other times during the night she can feel the blood draining from her head, heart feels weak as if it's going to stop, and feels an "impending sense of doom" as if she's dying. This happens every night! Has anyone else experienced anything similar and what has helped???? It doesn't matter what position or side she sleeps on, it always happens. Thank you!
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