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  1. I have a velcro abdomen compression belt. But I hate it. Sitting, it digs into my stomach and I deal with abdominal pain on the regular anyway. I also have tried compression leggings that is highwaisted. Again, it digs into my stomach. Wish someone would develop proper, comfy, POTS apparel.
  2. My doctor recommends a rowing machine. I bought one from Walmart for $119. It works all of your muscles, not just your legs. The arms fold in for easy storage and major bonus it doesn't make a horrible sound. Also try compression leggings. These seem to help. But for me, I can't wear them very long because my skin is sensitive to constriction on my skin for a long period of time. I also am exercise intolerant. So I'm still finding a happy medium for how long I should do it for so I'm not miserable for the next week. Best wishes to you.
  3. I feel the same way. I feel like, God forbid if someone has not your typical "here's your bandaid, I fixed it" illness and get passed around to different specialist like a hot potato. I've been having symptoms on and off since 2010, but as of recently I have been symptomatic since the end of September with maybe a few good days here and there. I am struggling to keep my job at this point and I'm also a part-time student on-line. The stress of the two feeling the way I do is making me feel worse. I am petrified of what may happen if either my job is in jeopardy or my school. I just want a better quality of life for my children and my boyfriend. Feeling normal again seems so far away. I know I need to put my trust in Jesus, but sometimes it's so hard to do.
  4. Oh boy! I definitely cam relate to your feelings of guilt. It very difficult for me as well. I'm in the "limbo stage" of diagnosis. Since September I have felt unwell. Dealing with the fatigue, chest pain, heart palpitations, sob, abdominal pain... all the symptoms. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I actually started having fainting episodes. I had the tilt table test today and passed out at 29 minutes. So now just waiting to hear from my doctor. My quality of life has been not so great so dealing with the guilt is my biggest demon. So thank you for the positive outlook of finding thing we can do with our kiddos. Honestly They do just want our attention and love regardless of what it is we're doing. I'm glad there are websites and support groups out there because for a very long time I felt alone. When you try to talk to healthy friends and family they just act like it's a cold and we'll get over it soon or they think we have anxiety and need to relax. Lord help us. Any insight to what the future holds? What types of regimens works best for you all? Thank you for any feedback.
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