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  1. Thank y’all for your support and for sharing what works for you. To be honest these forums have given me more help, support and understanding than any doctor I have been to ❤️. I am going back on Nexium tomorrow. I may try sleeping a little elevated like you said @Peter Charlton ... the only issue with that is that my pots symptoms are better when my legs are elevated while I am flat on my back, so I am going to have to choose lol. I take Zofran when my nausea is intolerable. It does nothing for heartburn and it gives me terrible constipation so I only take it when I feel like death. I am sorry your GP is not more attentive. My GI doctorS weren’t very helpful. My GP kinda dismisses this issue too. But they were like yeah you have GERD it’s no big deal. They did nothing to address it. It was my idea to try Nexium. You know @blizzard2014 I do get strange full / hunger feelings that just don’t make any sense. Like I feel hunger pains the min I finish eating, knowing that I am not actually hungry. I sometimes feel very full when I am really hungry - my signals are all over the place. I hope you feel better! Thanks @StayAtHomeMom, I haven’t tried kefir - that might be good. I also feel better on a low carb diet. I also cut out tomatoes because they just agitate my upper GI sooooo much. All my GI screenings were negative so hopefully there’s nothing going on there other than the GERD. I hope I find a balance too!
  2. I think I am going to have to do that @Mistri_The_Squirrel. Though my nausea is significantly better, my acid reflux is terrible. I just went off nexium and technically can't take any more. I, unfortunately, don't have a POTS specialist yet. I have been on several waiting lists to be seen. My appointment is in September :(.
  3. I am so glad you posted this - it gives me hope <3!
  4. Thanks y'all! I have had extensive GI testing, because that's how my POTS started presenting itself at the beginning. I have done ever GI test out there - my latest were only last year - I have been cleared from Barett's thank god. My GI doctor was so fed up of me she put me on B12 and vitamin D supplements and sent me on my way. I have GERD; that's the only official GI diagnosis I got. Thank you for that @Mistri_The_Squirrel , i completely agree with you, which is why i kept persistently going back to the GI doctor. I am terribly sorry about your dad. @Pistol I have been on nexium before, I will talk to my doctor about protonix. Right now, I take Tums but I am not sure how effective it is right now, but thats child's play. I didn't realize that GERD could actually be so degenerative, thank you both for making that clear. I am on Zofran as needed.
  5. Hello everyone, I get really bad upper GI symptoms (sometimes lower too) like nausea, heartburn, indigestion, loss of appetite, dry heaving and more. The nausea is sometimes so bad that combined with other POTS symptoms, it makes it hard to do basic daily activities. I have a Zofran prescription - so I take that when it's intolerable. But I can't take it often because it gives me severe constipation, which I try to avoid. Does anyone have similar symptoms - if yes - what helps? Are there any home remedies I should know about? or any specific foods I should try eating (or avoiding?) I have already cut out triggers like sugars, and I am currently on a high protein diet.
  6. Definitely good compression tights. I was really skeptical about them at first but they worked for me. Physical therapy would someone who actually understands POTS can help build tolerance is what I heard. I am trying it for myself just now. I only had one session and it didnt trigger me so I am counting it as a success for now.
  7. Thank you so much for all your responses!! @Always hoping honestly just finding this website and your responses helped. It was really difficult feeling like I was going through it alone, even though I have such a supportive environment. Still, I found myself having trouble articulating how I felt when I got extremely symptomatic, or when I felt great all day and suddenly felt sick and had to leave an outing or bail on my friends. My doctor is a good listener, and I think if I keep doing my research I can get her to monitor certain things or provide more support. She's trying to get me in to IV treatment without having to go through the ER which is a promising sign. @JaneEyre9 first of all - I LOVE Jane Eyre! lol. I must have read that book 20 times and I am pretty sure I watched every show and movie version out there. Thank you for your advice, I had been trying to find a nutritionist because like you I felt that I could probably support my body better if I ate well. I have not been able to find a good one. No one that even knows POTS or has any idea what I am going through. So far, it's been trial and error. I figured out sugar made me so sick so early on. I cut refined sugar out completely and most other sugars too because even fruit is sometimes too much when I am symptomatic. I used to be vegan before this whole thing started, now I feel so much better on a high lean protein diet. I haven't tried functional medicine because unfortunately, the ones I have found are not covered by my insurance. What's a good whole-foods multivitamin I could take you think (if you don't mind me asking)? I worry about all the synthetic kinds. @Hhh16 right exactly - I got turned away from ERs for not "bleeding" or "vomiting" (even though my symptoms do include a lot of the latter.) When I was so symptomatic, a doctor told me "what are you so miserable about, it's not like you have cancer." I am so grateful I do not have cancer, but no medical practitioner should ever make a patient feel so invalidated. My latest flare up started end of September as well! With a few good days here and there. I am sorry about your work and school. I hope that you don't have to lose either. Can you telework some days? I am actually a doctoral student and this semester, instead of going to class, my professors have kindly agreed to let me skype in for reading courses. I have to go back in the Fall though, or I lose my stipend.
  8. Hi All, I just joined dinet. I have been struggling with POTS & hypothyroidism for 3 years now. I just got diagnosed a month ago. I was bedridden and completely not functional the first 5 months. I thought knowing what was wrong would bring me some comfort. Taking thyroid medication stabilized me a bit, but my POTS symptoms are still pretty impressive. I have been hydrating as much as possible and using hydration pills, wearing compression stockings and all that, but I still have to work from home and I am unable to live a normal life for my age (28 yrs). My periods are devastating in terms of the fatigue and nausea they cause. Is there something else I need to be doing? I am starting physical therapy next week, but I am really concerned no one around me seems to understand POTS more than I do. I don't have any faith in medical practitioners anymore. I guess just want to know that it gets better.
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