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  1. Thank you everyone for replying. It's really interesting to hear how people's symptoms have changed - and also frustrating to think that you have a handle on things and then they change. I'm definitely gathering that I should talk to my doctor. Don't know about just starting with the GP or going straight for the cardiologist/POTS doctor. Thanks for the help, we'll see how we go!
  2. Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry you've had to put up with all this for such a long time! Yes the leg pain does seem initially a bit random, but great that it was eventually connected and the cause identified. That's really interesting to hear that your condition has evolved, I feel reassured in a way, that I may be not so unusual. Great idea about the timeline, I will give that a try! When you have a new symptom like your leg pain, do you tend to discuss it with a doctor fairly soon?/Do you find they are on board in helping potentially link obscure things back to dysautonomia if
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum, so thank you kindly for any help in advance. I have a few of the issues associated with Dysautonomia, specifically looking for advice regarding POTS. Diagnosed a few years ago now, had some success with medications and exercise therapy, but had ups and downs as I'm sure we've all had. Until now I've always had exercise intolerance, pain, fatigue, and presyncope episodes when standing with dizziness, feeling hot, vision problems, etc. No actual fainting. But now I'm experiencing actual syncope (no warning, but quick recovery I think). I haven't seen my cardiologi
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