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  1. Maybe a random question, but why is the general population not tracked on a yearly basis for vitamins and whatnot? Wouldn't that prevent many ailments that depends on these vitamins to be balanced?
  2. I kid you not, not a long time ago i bought a vr headset for my computer. I played maybe twice and now i cant use it... Im a big gaming nerd. Im (well... Was for now) a software developer and played tons of games on pc, modding them etc. Not being able to play sadden me so much. At least i can watch them on twitch.tv. I hope that you are still able to do activities with your family. There's nothing worse than being isolated with an invisible illness
  3. Undiagnosed but i can relate as well. For me, at least right now, passing a car and accelerating generate too much adrenaline and i feel short of breath for a few secs. I cannot play video games anymore unless they're tame and nothing exciting happens. Definitely sucks. I hope all of this goes away once im better abd medicated
  4. The more I read on the internet about the human body, the more i realize how little i know about everything. We're so complex and all have our own particularities despite being the same species. Its crazy. But I'm sidetracking here... I hope you get relief in some way in the coming days
  5. Sorry for reviving such an old topic, but i experience the exact same phenomenon while im falling asleep. I feel like in about to pass out and every muscle stop working. This happens 5-6 times in a row until i somehow fall asleep. These episodes started after switching from lexapro to paxil. I did not have those before. Does any of you guys experience it as well?
  6. Im not sure in my case if its related to a pots flare (still undiagnosed) but I've been definitely more anxious and depressive when my symptoms get worse. I start feeling hopeless, that in going to die and there's nothing left for me yada yada yada. It doesn't help that I'm tired all the time and have trouble falling asleep. But honestly, the mental side effects are nothing (for me at least). Give me that instead of these stupid *** symptoms that make doctors look at me like im a freak.
  7. Im also having some trouble with my allergies at the moment... Definitely annoying
  8. That does make sense yes. Its similar to someone going to bed thinking about future stressful situations. The stress make him/her temporarily "hyper" and unable to sleep.
  9. Oh well. So much for me taking klonopin as needed lol. Right now its the only thing that helps me.
  10. What the h***. You're right about not forgiving him.
  11. Pardon me but, what is an anticholinergic effect?
  12. No problem p8d! Do you think i could order a Alpha a-1 antibodies test? Is that feasible / hard to do?
  13. No problem! I wish one day that this condition will be more easily screened for.
  14. And people ask me why i hate doctors (not all) ... How can you do your job everyday and not stay up to date. To me, this screams "im just doing this for the money". It is not normal that your patient know more about a condition than you do.
  15. It's 1:15 am and i can't sleep because im being anxious about my symptoms. Ok ok im also guilty of having a mid day nap earlier ... What about you guys? Do you have bouts of insomnia as well?
  16. Hello all! I just stumbled on this article about a study that was done by Doc. Grubb. Apparently a new biomarker has been found and it is very easy to screen for it, meaning that many hospitals will be able to have it in the future if it passes further trials. This is incredible news! https://neurosciencenews.com/pots-fainting-biomarker-14888/?fbclid=IwAR1yzka5ogO-f1H9IB3hpjSEz5B345ab2IdGNO1asI8JLsewzqxxj1gJZJ8 By the look of it, it would classify PoTS as an autoimmune disorder.
  17. Next time i complain about my sorry *** (i do that often these days), I'll remember you and how much you're actually going through. Are you on disability? Edit : Just saw that you're in the process of getting accepted for ssdi. How is that going?
  18. Bending difficulties was my first symptom. Its definitely a trigger for me as well. Thats why i usually use my feet to pick things up
  19. Thats just frickin crazy. How the h*** do you cope? Do beta blockers do nothing for you?
  20. Hey everyone. Im a previous member with a name starting with "w". I had to change my username because one of my coworkers started "spying" on what i was saying on these forums. He probably looked over my shoulder one day while i was replying to someone on my lunch time. I'm not sure what his motive is, but as a safe mesure, i changed my username. If you have any question, you can PM.
  21. I'm sorry to hear it. Maybe pistol can help with your situation? @Pistol
  22. I guess i fit that criteria. Unfortunately i take a low dose clonazepam (0.25 or 0.5) right now as needed. I have some pretty big anxiety and its the only thing helping me while i wait to see my specialist.
  23. I cannot give you reassurance, as i do not know if i have pots or not yet, but i wish you well and hopefully you get a good neuro appointment. Im curious though, you took lorazepam for only 5 weeks and it left you with problems for 2 whole years? Thats crazy Oh and i almost forgot... Welcome to the forum!
  24. Oh good one! I will try to come up with others
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