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  1. Dumodal

    Burning chest pain.

    I do get it too, for me it's not painful but it's like a heavy burning sensation in the center left of my sternum, I went to the A&E like 20 Times All comes clear.
  2. Dumodal

    I need help looking for a diagnose.

    Wow your case is almost a carbon copy of mine I'm 29, everyday like you said I feel I don't belong in this body, I dream to go back in time and be normal again, I used to run, go traveling, hiking, now I'm lucky if I survive during work. I feel like a a ton of bricks in my chest, pressure, out of breath, cleaning the dishes put me in a shakiness and sweating, just horrible. I'm taking Magnesium Citrate for the PACs, someday it works someday it doesn't. I was able to push my GP for a TTT and he's hands on, I almost cried to him that I can't even go upstairs without feeling I'm going into cardiac arrest, I showed him a video of me laying down rest hear low 60 and standing 130 so he started taking me seriously. It would be nice to talk to you and share information, it is hard to find people with SVT and now this!!
  3. Dumodal

    I need help looking for a diagnose.

    I'm pushing hard too, it's unbelievable how some doctors play you down. The same story with my SVT after 11 years of arrhythmia finally a doctor actually listened to me. I understand you about the stomach problem, anything I eat even small meals makes my symptoms worse, bloated, short of breath, palpitations is just so hard to do anything! It like someone turn off the switch in my body and now is not working.
  4. Dumodal

    I need help looking for a diagnose.

    I had an arrhythmia called SVT which was hopefully corrected through catheter ablation. No signs of Brugada, no sudden death in family, but I do have have early CAD family history but as I said I had stress test and nothing showed. I do have few PACs and occasionally PVC, and sinus arrhythmia but doctor told me is completely fine.
  5. Dumodal

    I need help looking for a diagnose.

    Thank you for the info! What it bother me the most is the tachycardia! Like if I move around and in bed my heart starts going crazy, stretching is impossible without having a extra fast heart rate, any sudden movement can make my heart jump out of my chest. Some days I wonder if it's gonna give up beating...
  6. Dumodal

    I need help looking for a diagnose.

    I'm from the UK ( London), They wanted to send me to St. Mary's hospital but I don't know what happened and Nevers heard of the cardiologist, I tried to push my GP about it but he always says"let me see what can I do" but nothing gets done. Yes I printed the GP info and I'm going to show it again to my GP, let's hope for the best but this is very debilitating. Thank you!
  7. Dumodal

    I need help looking for a diagnose.

    They ruled out Raynaud disease as my hands only get red not the typical white, red and purple change, No cranial Doppler but I will try to talk to my GP but they are kinda skeptical with me and to get a referral is going to be tough. They are investigating Thoracic outlet syndrome but I was negative in the open hand close hand exercise they do with no significant oxygen level reduction. My symptoms come everytime I exert myself or if I am in a stressful situation, standing too long can be a chore with the dizziness. Sometimes I am symptomatic even at rest. Some days I get good days and I actually go for a walk but then it's misery for several days. Also I am extremely light sensitive, I'm really losing it.
  8. Hello there, I am a 29 years old male struggling a little bit with something I don't know yet, but hopefully you can help me out with this situation as I think I have a sort of dysautonomia problem. A brief story, I was (sadly) a healthy young man, little bit overweight but a runner ( 2 marathon under my belt and 12 half marathon) so I was in an OK shape, April 2017 I was visiting my family in Portugal, we were in a grocery store when I started jogging towards my wife to do the check out together, I felt a Hugh thud in my chest that hurt and my heart was beating at probably 200+ ( Later on was found is SVT). I dealt with several episodes in my teenage years I just had to hold my breath and will go away, I went to sit but people around started to come and ask me if I was ok? I couldn't handle many people around me and I had a panic attack, I was freaking out and was shouting for an ambulance (something I never ever do) I lost control that moment, the ambulance came and in the middle of the way to the hospital my SVT stopped, I was admitted, blood test came back negative, X ray normal and just sinus tachycardia. I was in bed for 4 hours and then I was given the discharge letter, the moment I got up of bed I felt right away something was wrong, I felt heavy, out of breath, dizzy but I said well maybe is just because I was laying there for hours ( oh how I was wrong). Things didn't get better unfortunately, after that I lost the ability to exercise, I tried but even a mild fast walk cause me severe palpitations heart rate 178, sweating, dizziness and malaise. Need to stop to catch my breath. I was was scared. Several doctors and cardiologist came out, Echo normal, stress test normal but I struggle to reach my max, Holter monitor was normal few atrial ectopic and one isolated run of SVT, blood test normal, cholesterol normal, iron levels normal, thyroid normal, only think they found was mild non alcoholic fatty liver, which cause no symptoms. I had an ablation to fix my SVT, was successful ( they found I had a PFO but cardiologist told me not to worry) and I thought my problems were over but nope still with the same symptoms. I have: Palpitations/ skipped beats, dizziness, brain fog, sinking feeling like I'm going to pass out, shaky hands, my hands turn red when laying on my side more prominent in the left hand, chest pressure or tightness, headache, exercise intolerance, cold and sweaty feets, anxiety, tinnitus, blood pressure spikes goes very high laying can be 127/83 standing 166/105 same as heart rate laying 60 standing 120 if I walk can go to the 130, if I do something like going upstairs can reach 160! I struggle to do daily stuff, I still work but I get unbelievable tired, I slept on the bus pass my stop several times, when I stand I feel my throat closing my heart beating fast and my body shaking. I'm desperate, doctors dismiss me because they think I'm crazy or have depression because normal cardiac test were negative, they even tag me as hypochondriac. I know my body and I never was like this, this have overtaken my life and I'm desperate because I feel like I'm alone and no one in the medical feel is taking me serious. I am almost begging for a TTT but they are thinking about it. Anyone who can tell me if this can be related to dysautonomia because I'm running out of ideas and I'm desperate!! Thank you very much.