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  1. Does anyone here have microvascular angina?
  2. Hi, i am 27, my friends were between 23-28. This was during university lecturer. I was doing my masters. I graduated last month The stress of the work load caused me to faint a few times, but that was my fault, I didn't give myself a break until it was over lol but yeah.... I told them before hand, so they knew about the fainting. I remember when I woke up, they were sitting ,chatting and on their phones. ..... Even another time. a couple of my university lecturers were annoyed because they either had to fill out paper work, and because I was disrupting everyone I don't really go
  3. They said, because they knew that I would wake up so they just left me. I asked, did you check how I was, if I hurt myself? .... but yeah not very nice. I was very shocked actually. No, I haven't been anywhere with them since.
  4. Hello, keep asking questions here as I am new lol but my question is, has anyone ever gotten help if fainted in public or with friends? I fainted once, and was just left there.
  5. Hello, my question is, does anyone have chest pains, constricting especially during the winter, and is relieved by Nitrate spray? (GTN, usually used for Angina). In addition, do anyone have MCAS ? (Mast Cell activation syndrome), or Gastorporesis ? ( sorry spelling is awful)
  6. Hello, I am new to this, but in regards to your question about POTs or IST? I have been diagnosed with POTs and IST (POTS/IST). This is due to a positive tilt table test, and heart monitors and exercise tests showed inappropriate sinus tachycardia, even whilst resting. POTs was first diagnosed, then a year later IST was diagnosed. I take ivabradine for the IST as beta blockers didn't work. I also get chest pains, especially during the winter so i was prescribed Glycerol Trinitrate Spray (GTN) and take that when needed.
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