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  1. electricpower177

    Amplified Heart Beat

    Hlo julie i have exactly same symtomp,eveb while having a pulse rate of 70 it gives a thumping feeling in heart..
  2. Im from india and i didnt even knew i have been sufferinng from this deliberating condition from 4 years until i researched intensively about it online,when i came to know about it i told my doctors,parents (who think that im lazy and clumpsy etc.I tell u they are most awful parents ever !!whom have lots of pareting problem) about it and said "look plz i have pots"then they just laughed and mocked me by sayin ur just anxious or anemic or blah blah!! Im just wayy too annoyed that even giant heart and neuro specialists doesnt know anything about it. It feels like im left alone and helpess where no one cares how bad my condition is since my ecgs,blood tests,echos are normal they think im fine and am just gone insane,i told my doctor to run me a tilt table test but she didn't allow me to.
  3. electricpower177

    hello I am new here, daughter has daily headaches

    I have had headaches after diagnosis of my pots too especially if im at school and specifically at afteroon(the burning sun),it feels like u wrote my story! Sure these headaches are caused by pots becoz pots leads to poor cerebral blood flow and heart palpiations which causes cramping in carotid arteries(these arteries passes through two sides of your neck to supply blood to brain) and in ur head too.I get headaches too everyday...they are very irritating
  4. electricpower177

    POTS or inappropriate sinus tachycardia??

    My electrolytes are normal as follows:- Serum sodium=139 meq/l Serum pottasium 4.0 meq/l Serum chloride=100 meq/l
  5. electricpower177

    POTS or inappropriate sinus tachycardia??

    Im pretty sure i have pots,heart rate goes like crazy on stading up for everytime,one time i passed out almost in my bathroom it was horryfing though,i also get random tachycardias,fatigue,dizzines throught all day which no amount of sleep or food can fix.Dysautonomia can lead to both p.o.t.s and i.s.tšŸ™„
  6. electricpower177

    POTS or inappropriate sinus tachycardia??

    I did it myself at home and bp and pulse rate both shoots up dramatically ...so i might be having hyperadregenic pots...i suppose!
  7. So i have POTS and probably innapropriate sinus tachycardia,the problem is while lying on bed i fell strong,throbbing pulse in my chest,wrist,fingers,neck etc and can calculate my heart rate without even putting my fingers on wrist as my whole body feels and hear every ******* beat and even all day when im sitting or relaxing i have strong beat in my chest thats bit discomforting..My blood pressure and pulse rate however remains normal. ARE THESE SYMTOMPS REALTED TO POTS AND IST??
  8. electricpower177

    POTS or inappropriate sinus tachycardia??

    What were ur electrolyte levels plz tell?Adrenal fatigue also causes pots,i read somwhere and has fluctuating symtomps mainly of electrolytes. Btw whts ur age and gender?And how is ur life going with these problems?What r u pursuing?
  9. electricpower177

    POTS or inappropriate sinus tachycardia??

    How do u get thyroid problem pal?and odd electrolytes like sodium and pottasium are caused by adrenal gland or kidney disorder i suppose.U know my friend no one understands my situation everyone used to call me lazy or clumpsy even my parents..its so painful..šŸ˜¢šŸ˜”
  10. I have following symptoms since 5 years right now im 20 yrs old:- 1.dramatic increase in pulse rate on standing from lying position,black vision and foggy brain sometimes. 2.heart palpitations on climbing stairs or running 3.exercise intolerance 4.unexplainable random tachycardia. 5.extreme fatigue all day. I went to a cardilogislt recently and he did ECGs,doppler echocardiography,24 hrs holter,thyroid test,cbc,electrolytes test,urynalsis and everything came back normal.My b.p is normal and my bmi is 21.7. Is there anyone here with these symptoms who was diagnosed with POTS or IST?