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  1. Heal is not. I purchased that on iTunes. The other two were on Netflix. If you end up watching any let me know what you think!
  2. I have watched several documentaries in the last year or so that stuck with me: Food Inc. and What the Health are two I thought were worthwhile as long as you go into it knowing you may never be able to eat again. 🤭 But, I think the most intriguing was “Heal”. Have any of you seen it and what are your thoughts? Disclaimer: I am not particularly religious. I am fairly skeptical about a lot of things, especially after years of seeing dozens of doctors, and trying all kinds of treatments. However I am open minded to learning and possibly trying anything that has potential to get me back to health. With that said, I do think there is merit to the findings in “Heal”, and have experienced some improvement because of it.
  3. Hi. I was very recently diagnosed with pots after having been incorrectly diagnosed at Mayo with chronic fatigue 6 years ago. After 6 years of taking it easy and avoiding exercise the pots symptoms became worse and were finally diagnosed. My question is: When I am clearly over exerting myself (out of breath, very high heart rate which brings on chest pains and other symptoms) am I hurting / damaging my heart?
  4. I found some floor exercises on youtube by looking up Pots workouts. It’s basically low impact Pilates.
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