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  1. Diagnosed with POTS just over two years ago. Does anyone else get the sensation that your throat is swollen/closing off? It feels as though the muscles surrounding my throat are swelling up or are very inflamed. This happens when my symptoms flare badly. I’m not sure if it is due, in-part, to acid reflux or muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are common for me personally, so maybe this is my answer. However I wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. It’s one of my scarier symptoms since it can make it hurt to talk and can feel like I can’t swallow or breath well at times. Any input will be appreciated.
  2. My sister who also has POTS just started taking supplements for adrenal support and credits them for the improvement she’s experienced. She’s very enthusiastic about it and wants me to try them as well. I’m awaiting some blood work to come back so I will probably consult my doc about it once we have results.
  3. Anyone have aggravated (or improved) POTS symptoms while taking Clindamycin? Was prescribed the cream for BV and just started my first dose this evening. Overall, no terrible reactions as of now compared to what I’ve experienced with other medications; I’m hypersensitive to many medications since my diagnosis. So far, I have a heaviness in my chest/heartburn/acid reflux-type symptoms and some mild cramping. Just wondering how others have responded to it. Thanks!
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