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    I find my community pool to be a life saver. Deep compression of water alleviates my overwhelm and greatly relaxes me.
    Lol it is just getting there that consumes my energy. In my 5th year of being a year round aqua gal.

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  1. A heartfelt hello, I am curious as I discovered that since I started wearing a Wahoo halter paired with SweetBeatHRV app that I rest comfortably at 60-70 then carefully up to do a thing or two- I go right up to 120 +. so I am wondering with watching all my Sympathetic spikes ( even at rest) that it may be Hyperadrenergic POTS!? has this been considered for your symptoms? Apparently there should NOT be a TTT test for H. POTS but blood/urine work.... So now past Thursday nite I had hyper emesis and awoke on Black Friday with Tachycardia 185 unable to bring it down (watched a U-tube real quick like) Then I called 911. Stabilized per ER standards - given Diltiazem. And yes I advocated for IV Saline which wasn’t in the ER plans. But now back at my Airbnb (lol traveled to an Fayetteville, Arkansas Neurological Clinic to deal with my CRPS) I am uncertain of my condition/meds given at ER. I did fill the script as I researched it is used for (off-label) tachycardia. Took it last night slept well until my 3am spike woke me up. so many types of POTS and being able to read others notes/sharing is such a gift in itself, thanx for listening and looking forward to being home, xox
  2. Hello, newbie to this awesome site💛 and truly just am on a huge learning curve here.... that being said I never knew what was crashing me for years.... and I am a RN BSN. my journey has been filled with blessings as I am still here and I find that comforting. so let the learning begin as I suspect I am a H. POTSie. This November I invested in a Wahoo monitor paired with SweetBeatHRV app and am beyond words looking at my screens. I have lived flat for the past 5 years unless I was in our local community pool 5x week (deep compression) & local Ayurveda education/self-care Center. CRPS/bilateral neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was my diagnosis —I was just flat. Never diagnosed as a POTSie until this April by my osteopath. So yes very glad to be here. thank you for all the sharing, xxo
  3. Hi I am a newbie💛 ‘I have been using sound reducing headphones & hats/caps/visors. Overstimulated by car travel unless just a few miles. wow I am just figuring It all out. Ty for this post
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