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  1. Thank you everyone for the info and support! I think you are right, and I'd imagine that my blood pressure and pulse would also be really abnormal, not to mention other stress hormones. I think based on this and what other folks have said, it probably isn't worth it at this point since that is so much of what they're testing for. If, as he said, it is just "preferable" and he can get enough of a picture without the blood draws, then I can start there. And maybe if that is needed at a later date I can work harder to desensitize myself over time to be able to tolerate another round with IV or wh
  2. Hm that's an interesting idea. I hadn't thought of it in those terms before, but it's definitely having something in my skin that bothers me, not just the breaking of the skin. That "type" of breaking skin is also something that bothers me. Who knows. Partially lack of control I am sure. Things where they aren't supposed to be. Thank you for the suggestion! If it were pain/that moment only, that would be a great solution.
  3. Hi all, First post here, so please feel free to redirect me to a different forum if this is not an okay question or the wrong place to ask. I was diagnosed with POTS by a cardiologist a few years back, from a symptom history and a pulse and BP check when standing/lying down/walking. I saw a neurologist today to do more thorough autonomic testing/tilt table/etc just to get a better picture of what's happening. He has ordered a lot of blood work to rule out other issues, and also said there will be some blood tests during my testing to check for differences in levels (I think he said n
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