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  1. My mornings are the worst ever for what feels like adrenaline surges that are completely uncontrollable. I just had another this has been going on for so long. I know this is an old thread but I was just searching for answers....I got out of bed and moved around maybe 20 mins or so and started feeling weird. Thought ok I need to eat, started to prepare early lunch couldn’t find what I needed, went into my teenage sons room looking for my crackers and his room was a mess and there was half a sleeve of of bed crackers and I lost it. I raged and now the stereo is in ththe backyard and I’m sweatin
  2. I know this is almost 6 years old but I was diagnosed in April with dysautonomia I also have pots. I have had two teeth pulled in the last 2 months that weee severely infected and the last infection was all the way down into mybja bone. Obviously had been infect d for quite some time! I’m thinking and wondering how much of my problems come from a posinl infection in my vagus nerve be???
  3. I read your post from I think maybe 2012? About just living your life regardless. I so needed your words today!! So today I shall make lemonade 🙏🏼 I think it could use a repost it really struck a chord with me.
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