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  1. The professor's advice is very interesting. I was probably dehydrated when I dropped dead on the concrete, and I later found out in the hospital that I was low on potassium so I got a few potassium pills.
  2. Hi All I had an acute episode of dysautonomia Sept. 29 when I passed out on the concrete after work, my very first day at commercial dishwashing which is more intense than you would imagine - lots of stooping, hot steamy air, and uncertainty about where things go. I felt my lumbar area getting very painful as I was working, and later upon walking away from work trying to breathe as in outer space. I was hospitalized and the CT of my lumbar spine revealed nothing. My heart testing was normal as well. Right now it's excruciating , and I cant help but wonder if the back pain is relat
  3. Thanks for sharing. I fell and got into a fight with the concrete and the concrete won; I got a black eye and a goose egg Thanks for sharing. Yours sounds so much like what I have. For me, simply walking is enough to set it off. If I just stop walking when I get those breathless signals it subsides and I can go on after a few minutes rest. What's more, I have very little tolerance for exertion. A new job as a dishwasher with no break was what set off my first episode. I'm afraid of another; I always will be as I feel there is no cure when it's about the autonomi
  4. I only saw my GP for a discussion of my syncope episode. She suggested a pulmonoloist but I feel my lungs are fine. However, I feel a treadmill stress test would reveal more. But then, they will blame it on my weight. They would not believe that a few months ago I could carry groceries home a mile. In my opinion, a neuro would be the best place to start. But first I have an appt with a D.O. as a second opinion. Also, I feel that even though my cardiac monitor was normal that my heart warrants a cardiologist. Thank you for your concern.
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm really scared I won't make it very long if another really bad attack occurs. My breathing wasn''t just hard, it was as though I were in outerspace where there is no oxygen. This happened on Sept 29. I banged myself up as I fell on the concrete. I was cleared of heart condition by 24 hr monitor and sonogram. This incident came on the heels of my first day at work (in a long time) and I had just gotten off. Since that time I rested and recovered (for some reason exertion hurts my low back) and then got another job doing the same rather strenuous dishwa
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