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  1. Guest, Great explanation of the symptoms of "adhd"/brainfog in POTs. This is me to a T. Makes me happy to hear others have the same exact problems I do. Amphetamines help a lot but it still is not the cure all. You always have to be careful about doing to much on them as well.
  2. Glad to read this thread. This is my most debilitating symptom. For me it includes socializing as well.
  3. Hello! Glad I found you guys. Not so glad I have to be here though . I'm a 26 year old male that has hyperadrenergic POTs. I was steadily declining 2.5 years ago until I hit my nadir in 2014/2015. After doing a year of grant research for a master's program my health deteriorated to the worst it has been since 2009. I had to come home and live with my parents. Fortunatley, I have JUST gotten treatment with clonidine, bystolic, seroqul, lunesta, clonazepam, and amitripytiline after years of little to no treatment helping. I am on the upswing now so I am cautiously optimisitc..Going to finish this introduction at another time...to tired to finish now...
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