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  1. Thank you Yogini and MomtoGuiliana for your input! Your comments confirmed my decision not to travel to Dallas. Yes, I have read pro and con reviews. . . . Yogini, you reminded me of Resp-e-rate, which I tried many years ago--before my health crashed. A naturopathic doctor recommended it to lower then elevated BP. I found that I got lightheaded doing the deep breathing. Perhaps I won't be much of a candidate for biofeedback either. I'll ask about that. I'm so encouraged, Yogini, that you were able to go off of medication, and that you are able to do so many forms of exercise. You are an inspiration to me. (No meds yet, but the cardiologist seems to be heading in that direction. Tilt table test pending.)
  2. My integrative medical doctor has said that biofeedback may help me. He doesn't know of anyone to recommend. I've considered the Pots Treatment Center in Dallas. I'd like to find someone in my area. I've found a lot of biofeedback practitioners listed on www.bcia.org (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance). Before I start calling the list of practitioners, does anyone have any suggestions as to what to look for in a practitioner? Questions to ask? I started looking at websites, and so far no one lists POTS or dysautonomia as a condition they treat. Any input would be helpful. :-) I make slow progress . . . but whenever I am able to start biofeedback, I will update with my experiences.
  3. KariDK


    I have osteoporosis and osteopenia too. You may want to ask your doctor about supplementing with calcium, magnesium, D3, and K2. You might also want to use trekking poles, as recommended by my integrative medicine doctor. When I'm feeling lightheaded (which is often) I use the trekking poles inside the house and outside. Even using one pole helps me to be more stable on my feet. I found a great pair on Amazon--lots of options.
  4. It's amazing that you got an appointment with Dr. Ahern. I was told recently that he isn't taking any new patients. I was directed to Dr. Ahmed at Scripps. I saw him two days ago. Then yesterday I learned that Scripps only has one tilt table, and that it is scheduled only 6 days/month. Ugh! I'm now told to wait 3 months for a tilt table test. I'm looking at posts, trying to find if there is a quicker way to have this test performed. I've been dealing with my symptoms for 7 years. I want a diagnosis! KiminOrlando's advice is well taken. If you feel you need a caring doctor . . . My primary is an integrative medical doctor in La Jolla, CA. He recently began suspecting that I have POTS. He may be able to help your daughter cope while you wait for Dr. Ahern. I don't think he would write off your daughter as just having anxiety. Dr. Charles Moss, Moss Center for Integrative Medicine, in La Jolla, CA.
  5. Vepa, Thank you for sharing what works for you! I also appreciate what you said about POTS and bp. I'm learning. :-)
  6. Hello dear people. I'm so thankful I found dinet! Last week, my doctor told me that I have dysautonomia. I've been struggling with so many symptoms for over 6 years. I'm really struggling with the vibration, rushing, buzzing during the night. For some reason, it has gotten a lot worse recently. It wakes me up at various times, and is especially intense in the 5-7 am timeframe. My doctor doesn't know the cause of my dysautonomia. I probably need to be tested for pots, but I don't have the symptoms of super low bp. I'm going to ask for a cardiologist referral. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with the vibration, etc, during the night? My sleep has become so poor that it is debilitating. I often get out of bed feeling like I fought a war during the night. Thank you for any suggestions--drugs, supplements or otherwise. My doctor is caring and open to discussing any suggestions I make.