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  1. Naomi, I have POTs dont know what type, neuropahy and severe M.E. are you in UK? has anything helped you?
  2. Is it just me...or am i the only person totally bedridden. Unable to walk more tha. A step before whole body goes so weak i collapse. And i have constnt panic and horrendous nausea...PLEASE someone answer me!
  3. I have totally lost my sense of thirst. I am so weak i can not get out of bed and breathing is flat dry and airless for me. My body feels numb.
  4. Lieze, Do you, pr anyone out there, wake during the night fee.ing as if you can not breathe and with a very flat dry sensation that makes you feel like you are in a desert unable to breathe? Sorry if sounds crazy!
  5. To Lieze...You sound like me...my panic and Pots are impossible to tell the difference between I also have severe M.E. has anything helped your panic surges adrenal rushes? I am super sensitive to meda so am doing this all cold turkey but getting desperate!
  6. Did fluteocortisone or Clonipine help with adrenal surges...I feel a constant adrenal surge most of the day particulalry in the morning and am finding it unbearable.
  7. TCP....I too have all over neuropathic pain, prickling, stabbing pain, hot or cold ice pick pain, but I am too sensitive to take meds so it os VERY hard.
  8. I dont know if i have MCAS what are the typical symptoms? I do know i am hyper senstive to drugs i seem to have very over reactive reacrions to even tiny bits.
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