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  1. This is very interesting. I’ve never had a doctor fully confirm my suspicions about my dysautonomia onset, but my initial symptoms occurred about a week after my first flu shot in 2010. I didn’t make the connection at the time, and my symptoms gradually went away that time, but the following year I had another flu shot that triggered the symptoms to flare up again and much worse. I no longer get a flu shot due to it triggering a flare up of symptoms for me. I’d rather practice good hygiene and take the risk of catching the flu. I’ve gotten the flu once in 9 years of not receiving the shot, a
  2. Your symptoms sound pretty similar to mine, and I’ve been told I have IST with mild orthostatic intolerance. From what I’ve been told, a consistently high resting heart rate (95 or higher) is usually a key difference between IST and POTS. With IST, my heart rate also elevates substantially with minimal activity, including standing. Of course, there’s a lot of crossover between IST and POTS symptoms, so I would absolutely recommend seeing a doctor that specializes in dysautonomia - it has really helped me!
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