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  1. I have bluish lips too. Actually, along parts of my lip line there are dark purple areas. I would guess that the reason your lips are blue and get more blue upon exertion is POTS (I also have POTS (dysautonomia) as well as EDS, Chiari, MCAS so I feel you). Just like how blood rushes to our stomach after we've eaten, and can cause post-prandial (after a meal) POTS symptoms like extreme fatigue, increased hear rate, lower blood pressure, etc. We feel this after a meal because the blood is rushing away from our head, lower body, etc and goes to the stomach so the heart has to pump harder to move
  2. There is another POTS specialist in Hamilton. His name is Dr. Juan Guzman. Unfortunately in the long run it didn't work out but one very good thing about Dr. Guzman though is that he will try almost anything. At one point I was injecting myself erythropoitin to see if my POTS would improve and I'm still on IV fluids because he started it. I currently have no doctor. I heard there was a POTS doc in London, ON but he is on the neurological side of POTS. Which may suit myself and others better if, like me, you also have EDS and Chiari Malformation. I will try to find his name.
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