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  1. Hello Does anyone know if living in a basement apartment makes conditions worse ? Due to any chances of moisture we have a dehumidifier running all day .we keep it dry. Anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Are anti- aniexty meds OK to take like clonazapane? Can you take advil? Is it safe Any advice.
  3. Hey what type of salts work better for low blood pressure should it be sea salts , iodized .does pink Himalayan work .? Thanks
  4. Yes he has doctor but wants a second opinion. Needs to get mri done to see if any masses are present . Thank you so much
  5. This looks good to try are there any specific salts to be using .like iodized sea salts over pink Himalayan salts . Any thoughts
  6. Low blood pressure , chronic fatigue ,dizziness head hurts loss of focus .depression .digestive issues , nerve issues .ibs. anxiety. Can't leave the house makes it worse .overall
  7. Hey there If you take the iv saline Do you need it prescribed by physician ? Can you do it at home or do you need to go to a clinic ? How many times a week do you take it ? Does it help .are there side effects Any advice Thank you
  8. Hello I'm new to this group I'm trying to help out my brother who is getting symptoms of dysautonomia but he was told to stay Away from computers and cell phones by a doctor saying it makes the symptoms worse anybody hear of this ? Thank you
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