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  1. I'm scared to go out too. In case I overheat or faint or in case something happens which I'm not aware of. All I can do is try to accept what's happening to me.
  2. Can you tell me where you got the vest? Have you considered air conditioning? I'm in UK too
  3. I've not been anywhere the last few months. Summer is over but it's still not cool enough to go out if the sun is out. A few days ago, I left home to get groceries. Bad mistake. The sun came out and I quickly began to feel too warm. Physical exertion + direct sunlight can easily overheat you if you can't sweat. Was your loss of sweating allover? What made it come back? I've read steroid therapy is the only treatment and results are varied
  4. I began getting pins and needles in my toes nearly one year ago. This gradually progressed up my legs and then my forearms and hands bilaterally. It is always worse during hot baths and after walking. Then, this summer I suffered heat exhaustion and nearly heat stroke after being trapped in a very hot train during a heatwave. Immediately after this I noticed that my body wasn't producing any sweat. Since then, my whole body is completely dry. There is a tiny amount of sweat from my feet, hands and armpits. Additionally, I feel too hot to go out and I've become housebound. I'v
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