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  1. It's as if I wrote this story. I actually showed it to a friend who knows my situation and he thought I did write it. Down to the weed, down to college, down to every single symptom you have. I've written you a message.
  2. Carla, your pulse looks phenomenal for a normal person more or less someone with pots! I work as a personal trainer and constantly check and monitor my clients active and resting pulse. Are you standard or hyper pots? Even as a very conditioned athlete my pots hr is 85-90 sitting and can hit 120 plus just standing. A low pulse often signifies a good cardiovascular health, as long as it's not a sign of hypothyroid and a couple other disorders, from what I know/understand. Was your pulse always this low with pots?
  3. I love how these docs think you check symptoms too much. Before hyperadrenergic pots I was a cage fighter, scared of nothing, and even walked to the hospital with a broken leg. This disorder has brought me to my knees in tears. Don't let them tell you you're being a wimp. So ive found as far as heat and sweats I've just accepted it, I'll be sweaty. When you get bone cold however and it feels like your body is shutting down its intolerable. I've found b vitamins to be the best to keep you warm, niacin especially. Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone else noticed their symptoms: temperature or otherwise are much worse in the morning? My post 8pm functioning seems to be something I could live with. Every day from 8am to 7pm is a test of how much more can I take? Ive also found doing some exercise helps me not be too cold for hours afterwards. Even just 20 minutes on the elliptical. I know for folks with standard pots though that can be tough -Mark
  4. I've noticed as well: brutal mornings, awful afternoons, and only somewhat normalcy during the evening or late hours. Anyone figure out any remedies for this? After trying three ssri's and a couple tricyclics to no avail I was considering trying a maoi, this however makes me worried. I know this is an old thread but any help would be greatly appreciated. -Mark
  5. Hey guys. I've been lurking for a while, decided to make a name to discuss some things with you guys. I first want to say thank you for anyone taking the time to look and or respond to this post. I'll try to make a long story short. I'm a personal trainer and dietitian. I've always been full of energy and "normal". Almost a decade ago I had a sudden episode that landed me in the ER that included shaking, dizziness, and feeling extremely weak. I was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction. I first spent almost two years recovering in a bed. I learned to manage my symptoms and learned to manage my life. I continued my career with limitations and got by. Fast forward five years: living a life of no excess, exercise, no alcohol, great sleep and dietary habits I have relapsed into barely being able to get out of bed. I'm extremely cold, tired, brain fogged, save the moments when my heart races like crazy and I sweat profusely. My resting pulse is 52, my standing pulse is around 110. The odd thing is when the heart gets racing, laying down or changing posture does not help at all. Rolling over in bed will cause a jump in pulse. Doing a set of squats will drench me in sweat from just a few reps Sorry for the novel, but thanks for reading. To get to the point. I've relapsed into this misery for about five months now and I'm beyond desperate. I'm scared, my girl is scared. My only option that I haven't tried is using an SSRI. Can anyone tell me if an SSRI has helped them with intolerance to stress and exercise? Has anyone actually been left with more energy after trying an SSRI? I can't live with two hours of energy every day anymore. I have a pretty good understanding of POTS and dysautonomia but can't seem to solve this. Thank you every one
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