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  1. I am from the UK and unlike in the land of privatised healthcare our health service is free at the point of use. But I sometimes don't see that as a good thing, let me explain why. Although I love the NHS for being there for anyone poor or rich I feel like in the USA as you are paying they see you as a customer and treat you with respect. It took me 2 years to get my diagnosis of POTS secondary to HEDS. I started with symptoms and at the time I was already under psychiatric care, the doctor of course blamed my symptoms on anxiety without a second thought. I took 4 or 5 antipsycotics and anti
  2. Im in the UK, South Yorkshire, Im 22 and I totally feel you. I feel isolated as **** most days., I can also do the basics like getting around the house but anything further than my front door without a lift is outside the realm of possibilities. I am currently working on getting a wheel chair but first iv got to fight to get my doctor to take our condition seriously
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