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  1. Hey everyone i have few questions ..i have been told by my cardiologists and pots doctor i possibly have mast cell disorder . I come out of my appointment with a urticaria angioedema and skin writing. Dignous and a blood for trypase levels plus few others . My lips swell up i react to smells perfume hair dyes etc chemicals medication.foods i get rash sickness diorehera serve belly cramp bone pains fatigue weakness tremors dizzy bp probloms i really confussed as i have all symtoms but no dignous here in uk it hard to get oneπŸ˜•
  2. Oh i totally get you nhs thinks it all in my head !even with peice paper to say it not and a dignous of pots me/cfs posisble mast cell disorder . ... i see dr julier newton she good but she not give me any drugs or out as i dont seem to agree to them lots water and salt ane is form torture they just look at u like u a hypo over stressed mum of two . Even when u cant breath proper . It like hey yerh you house bound bloody cant go no were but u ovs faking for attention ppl ....
  3. Oh they wouldnt give me a wheelchair i have buy one of ebay .
  4. Thank you all taking the time to reply . I hope u all coping well today. I have found gps in my part uk very rude and cruel "all in my head" if i had not pushed for certain doctors to do there job i wouldnt be here today .i have heard the saline drip is good with pots am fighting for it .one thing i was wondering was if was only me who needs a wheelchair outside the house ? Also if anyone else sees dr julia newton for there pots xx
  5. seems so hard find ppl with pots in the uk . I am curntly on no meds just water salt .i struggle walk far i can do basics cleaning at home washing up laundry no hovering etc i leave the house not very offten i feeling so isolated i have two children i just wondering if there anyone like me out there .i have parter he works so i am main carer my childern .i really struggle but i get by day by day.it would be nice meet ppl like me πŸ˜„am feel sooo old i only 27πŸ˜‚
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