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  1. I am renting a 1.3 ATA home unit for $600/mo Since September I have done 90 one hour dives. It helps a lot with all symptoms (more than IVIG for me) but it’s not a cure
  2. Hey guys, To answer your questions... I have elevated antibodies for Coxsackie B4 and mycoplasma pneumoniae. Everything else is normal Earthing Sheets help in some cases of POTS. A wire connects the sheet to ground outside and the thought is that using current from the Earth helps lower inflammation in the body. It sounds a bit out there, but I figured I'd try it after several people strongly recommended it. Haven't noticed much from it to be honest
  3. I'd also recommend Dr Chheda and Dr Kaufman at the Center for Complex Diseases
  4. Very interesting, I'm not familiar with LEMS, I'll look into it. CellTrend is doable with a good doc. Their customer service is good and the results came back relatively quickly. FWIW I took some midodrine today (A1 agonist) and my HR / BP remained steady standing.
  5. Thanks Natops I have a correction to make. Just found out today that my insurance did in fact cover CellTrend, which totally shocks me since they're technically a research lab and based in Germany. I think any lab requires a doctor's note regardless of insurance coverage. I have been doing 4 months of IVIG at increasing doses (up to 105g now). I would love to try plasmapheresis, but haven't found a doctor / hospital willing to do it. The drugs I listed are mostly OTC, and are all A1 agonists (vasoconstrictors), which relate to the autoantibody CellTrend found. Immunosuppr
  6. That's right, no insurance pays and yes a doctor's script is required. I'd recommend an integrative medicine doctor, though some GPs may be willing as well.
  7. Yes I live in America, sent the sample internationally I tested positive for only A1. M4 was "at risk" but not positive
  8. TL;DR Could alpha-1 agonists help me regain functionality? I have POTS and documented alpha-1 adrenergic receptor autoantibodies. ---------------- Hi all, I'm new here, from Los Angeles. It's great to see so many intelligent people posting. I had a flu-like illness back in December and have been disabled with a set of debilitation symptoms since then. I was very active and independent 30 year old man and now I live with family and cannot work. Metoprolol, high dose IVIG, earthing sheet, neurofeedback therapy, LDN, and various supplements have been of marginal
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